Birth Charts 101: A Beginners Guide to Birth Charts

A Beginners Guide to Birth Charts

What does it mean to have a Leo zodiac sign, and is there more to discover? Most people know their sun sign, but there are actually 12 different houses in a zodiac birth chart, creating a complex mystical system that influences your personality and life. Fortunately, you can unlock its secrets by determining and reading your natal chart.

Natal Chart

The planets and constellations move in a fixed path over the year. A natal chart pinpoints the placement of celestial bodies at the exact moment of your birth. The patterns they create, as well as the combination of astrological body and night sky placement, say something about you.


The “houses” describe the location of the stars and planets at a specific time. There are 12 houses of equal size arranged in a wheel. Every house has a particular realm, such as creativity, spirituality, self, family and partnerships. Planets fall into one house, though one house may have two or more planets while others have none at all. In fact, it’s common for planets to cluster and incredibly rare to have an even distribution across the chart.


Most people know their sun sign, which is the first zodiac sign of their natal chart. However, every sign plays an important role in your personality because each zodiac connects with a specific house. Even empty zodiac signs have significance.


Your natal chart will include all of the planets, Charts with the exception of Earth. Pluto, the sun and the moon also have their place. Each heavenly object has its own symbol and sphere of influence:

  • Neptune governs dreams
  • Uranus affects innovation
  • Saturn impacts responsibilities
  • Jupiter controls fortune
  • Mars has mastery over motivation
  • Venus has authority over values
  • Mercury regulates communication
  • Pluto has dominion over transformation
  • The moon influences emotions
  • The sun has power over the self

Each planet impacts the house it resides in, and the overall pattern they create also has special meaning.

Birth Chart Calculator

Many websites and apps offer free birth chart calculations. However, you need to do a little work to get the most out of these services.

Gather Information

Creating a natal chart requires precision — being even a few minutes off can render your reading inaccurate. Therefore, you must verify the following information:

  • Location of your birth
  • Exact time of your birth
  • Date of your birth

Talk to an Astrology Psychic

While an app is an easy way to produce a natal chart, you don’t get to see the creation process. In contrast, astrology psychics can calculate your chart by hand, explaining the process as it unfolds. That way, you can learn more about the fundamentals.

Zodiac psychics can also help you read your chart. This one-on-one experience gives you the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the aspects that interest you. Astrology psychics can also tap into their prior experiences to point out important or unusual information.

Connecting with the right medium can help you learn more about what the future holds. From astrologists to numerology psychics, these professional mystics can unravel the threads of fate.

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