25 Best Quotes To Inspire You To Be A Better Person

It doesn’t matter how the world throws you at you. You can still strive to become a better person and encourage others to do so. Your life lessons will shape you and help you overcome hardships, be a role model and feel good about your self.

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This is just one part of being a better person. There are also many trials. These “be better” quotes show that becoming the best version you can be is a journey and not a single action.

Good news: Being the best in any situation is something you can do anywhere and at any time. No matter how many times it fails, you can continue to get up and make that choice.

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In many situations, it’s easy to fall prey to negativity, and no surprise that occasionally, you make a choice that doesn’t serve your higher self. Don’t worry about it. It will happen.

Negativity is a common theme in all aspects of life. This is especially true with all the negativity that we are exposed to at all hours on social media. It’s always out to get you to lower yourself and give in.

These are the things you’ll have to deal daily with, and sometimes you may react negatively to them. YouAfter all, we are only humans!

But don’t worry! Being human also means you should step back and observe the situation and yourself before you say or do something you’re sure to regret after the fact.

It doesn’t matter who started it, you are responsible for your actions and not them. This is why you must be accountable for any slips.

But, most importantly, you must make a choice to be a better individual in every situation. That’s right, I believe that we can and should choose to be better, and you can use these quotes to inspire you.

These are the details 25You can be better. These quotes will inspire you to be the best version possible of yourself, no matter what.

1. “Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.” — Nelson Mandela

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nelson mandela be better quote

2. Do not try to be better than your predecessors or contemporaries. Be better than you are.” — William Faulkner

3. “There is one corner of the universe where you can be sure to improve. It’s your own.” — Aldous Huxley

aldous huxley be better quote

4. “What we believe we can become. What we feel, we attract. We create what we see. — Adele Basheer

2. Always be the best person. Keep your intentions pure. Your intentions and your character will determine what you attract and what you keep. Although pain is inevitable, it will never go away. If you can focus on what you feel and why, you’ll be able to overcome it. — The Minds Journal

the mind

5. “I am grateful for all the difficult people in my world, they have shown what I don’t want to be.” — Unknown

6. “If you find yourself a victim of the bitterness, smallness or insecurity of others, don’t forget that there are worse things. YouCould be them.” — Unknown

be better quotes

7. “There’s always more room for improvement.” Always. — Sonya Teclai

8. “Every morning we have the chance to be different. AChance to make a difference. AChance to be more. — Alan Bonner

alan bonner be better quote

9. “Your beliefs won’t make your a better person. Your behavior does.” — Shukhraj Dhillon

10. 10. This is where you find your power! — The Minds Journal

the mind

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11. “Respect people even when they don’t deserve it. Not as a reflection their character but as a reflection about yours.” — Dave Willis

12. “I was shocked at how strong my willpower was until I had the courage to forgive someone who didn’t mean it and accept an apology they never gave me.” — Unknown

be better quotes

13.YouYou can either be bitter or you can get better. It’s as simple as that. YouYou can either accept what you have been dealt and allow it make you a better person or you can let it ruin you. You have the power to choose. It is your choice. — Josh Shipp

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14.YouNo matter how much you feel, you are always responsible to how you act. Keep that in mind. — Unknown

be better quotes

15. “No matter where or what you have done, no no matter where your origins are, you can always make a change and become a better version yourself. — Madonna

17.BeSomeone who makes everybody feel like they are a person.” — Kid President

kid president be better quote

18. “Never regret being kind to people. Your behavior is a reflection of you. Their behavior speaks volumes about them. — Unknown

19. “We must set a standard that it is not acceptable to act without morality, values, and human respect.” There is no one better than anyone else.” — Lady Gaga

lady gaga be better quote

20. 20. — Kaci Diane

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21. 21. — Unknown

be better quotes

22.BeThe reason someone smiles today is unknown. — Unknown

23. 23. Just keep getting better.” — Unknown

be better quotes

24. 24. Get started today on your goals and dreams. — Unknown

25. Do the hard things when they are easy, and the great things when they are small. AA journey of 1,000 miles must start with one step. — Lao Tzu

lao tzu be better quote

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