20 Basketball Photography Tips

Top 20Basic Basketball Photography Tips

You have a 100×50 foot area and know exactly where the ball will land. You also know where other players and coaches will be watching the game.

These are the tips I’ll share with you to help you take great basketball photos.

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1. The Story of Advance

good basketball pictures

Check out the NBA website to learn more about the players and view previous photos and videos. This will allow you to discover many interesting facts about the players.

When a player scores the ball and does his signature move, or when a coach is mad and hits the chair after making a mistake on the team.

Also, it’s important to know about the leaders of the teams. Celebrities always make the best photos, so you can use this advantage.

2. Take Pictures at the Main Place

professional basketball photography

You must decide where you want to be when you are on the court. The corner area provides a great view.

But, photos taken at this angle will not show the true beauty of the moment. The best place to take basketball action photos under the basket is in the middle of the baseline.

Use every moment of the game to get great photos. However, you must be mindful of your surroundings and avoid getting in trouble with the players.

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3. Important Pictures Should Not Be Forgotten

professional gym photography

There are certain types of pictures you must take. Once you have reached the area you wish to photograph, be sure to keep the camera at a wide angle so that the audience can see you.

These pictures will show the atmosphere and spirit perfectly. Try shooting these photos between quarters.

That’s because during this time, all the fans are on the stands and you will be able to capture the most important parts of the game and take good basketball pictures.

4. The Right Lenses

Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 is II USM Lens + Canon EF50mm f/1.8 STM lens

Due to the fact that there isn’t much light in the courts, for basketball photoshoot, I recommend using fast lenses, f/2.8 or higher. They can provide fast shutter speeds to stop the action.

F/2 and f/1.8 are even better. In addition, don’t squat and don’t use the flash so that the players aren’t distracted. To capture great shots under the basket and when there is action nearby, you can use a simple 50mm lens. This lens can be used quickly and has quick autofocus.

A telephoto lens with 300mm focal length is best. Medium shots can be taken using a zoom end that has a telephoto end. You can quickly change focal lengths by using the second camera’s lens.

Nice seats and a 70-200 mm zoom will allow you to take wide photos, portraits, and even full-motion shots.

5. Get Everything You Need

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As with any genre, professional basketball photography requires you to have backups. Get a backup bag if you can. You never know when you might need a picture.

6. The White Balance is on the Screen

basketball photo

Create your own white-balance setting sheet if you are in an area with artificial light by measuring the gray paper. You can place a neutral gray object or white object in the lighting conditions. To adjust your white balance settings, use the Manual Adjustment button on your camera.

Once the white balance value has been measured, point the camera at the reference object, and then press the shutter button. It’s done!

My recommendation: if you’re in doubt, just shoot in RAW, so you can adjust the white balance during color correction.

7. You can stop the moment

If you are in an active area, the mode dial should be set to M (Manual), and the shutter speed to 1/200 s or greater to freeze the movement. Use a large aperture (f/1.8-f/2.8) and increase the ISO to 800 if you have to.

You can capture the best parts of basketball to create better action shots. The moment the ball is suspended in midair, the thrower of the ball, and the moment it is being thrown. Use burst mode to get multiple shots. Press the shutter button and hold down the shutter key.

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It is necessary to do this in order to freeze both the ball’s movement and that of the player. The frame rate and frequency of digital SLR cameras in burst mode are determined by their specific features. They enable a camera’s ability to take quick multiple shots.

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    8. Lower Focus Point for Photographing Jumps

    Basketball players look tall and have long arms when they get into a position. They also jump very high. You should pay attention to when such jumps occur at the top of the frame. Then you need to switch to the lower focal point.

    9. BasketballStandoff

    basketball action shots

    It is common to see players in standoffs during a basketball match. These moments can be captured on camera to show how players want to win.

    10. Shooting below

    good basketball pictures

    Basketball is very popular when shooting from below. These photos show the court’s atmosphere and what it looks like.

    These shots are often taken from a wide angle, which allows for more coverage. It’s better to use a 50mm lens because the speed of the lens and fast autofocus are essential here.

    11. Outdoor Basketball Photography

    outdoor basketball photography

    Sometimes the weather is good enough to play outdoors, and frankly, it’s a great time to enjoy basketball courts outside. Outdoor games allow players to show off their skills to the world.

    When you work with this style of photography, be aware of the time of day that you will be shooting. Don’t take shots when the sun is high in the sky because the light will be bright and sharp.

    Try shooting in cloudy conditions to get better photos. The clouds soften the light and shadows and provide different lighting.

    12. 12. Basketball Photography

    Girls Basketball Photography

    Basketball is more common for men and it’s a kind of sport where they show their power and endurance. Nowadays, however, basketball is becoming very popular with women. Female basketball players can showcase their agility, speed, and beauty. The girls basketball photos are amazing.

    13. Moment of Triumph

    good basketball pictures

    The best pictures of players who are happy and excited are always the most memorable. They convey a sense of victory, challenge, and triumph. You should try this kind of basketball photography if you want to create stunning photos like the ones in sports magazines.

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    Sports photos that are emotionally charged look great. The more emotions you capture, the better your photos will turn out. It is impossible to capture the entire game. You can also see the real emotions from the bench. That’s why you need to watch the coaches and benches too.

    14. Vertical Shooting

    basketball photography

    All basketball actions take place vertically. That’s why take vertical photos too. Players will appear taller, and their jumps will be higher as a result. You can also sit on the floor while playing, but that does not include the stands.

    The players will appear shorter if you sit too high. But don’t get too low or your faces will be covered with their hands or bodies.

    15. Support Group & Fans

    fans basketball photography

    Supporter reactions and actions are some of the most thrilling moments of basketball games. You can capture these special moments by taking advantage of this chance.

    This will result in amazing photos that show fans supporting their favorite team and showing their faith in their victory.

    16. Some good words for the team

    team and individual sports photography

    Why not take group photos of basketball? It’s not easy to gather all the team in one shot.

    It is possible to do it when they are entering the court or the coach has them gather. Their unity will be displayed through team basketball photography.

    17. 17. BasketballMascots

    basketball action shots

    Majority of basketball teams have their own mascots. Usually, it’s an animal or some character. It is important for the team’s entertainment and is very popular with supporters. Photos of fans and players with mascots will be funny and interesting.

    18. Take Pictures of the Dunks

    team and individual sports photography

    Dunks are performed by all the players who can leap high and impressively. This makes the game even more spectacular. Moments when a player scores and hangs on to the ring give wonderful photos that show the emotions and mood of the player.

    19. Jump Shot Photo

    basketball action shots

    A basketball game can be exciting when players throw a ball in the ring and jump. A photographer can get amazing photos with just one jump.

    20. Photo-Free Throws

    special moment for basketball photography

    A free throw is an exceptional moment for basketball photography. Everyone is calm and focused on their player. The way he expresses his emotions as he prepares to throw the ball adds greatness to the moment. This is one of my favorite ways to capture a picture.

    BONUS TIP: Outsource photos to professionals

    Photo Editing Services

    If you don’t have free time on color correction in Lightroom or removing stray hair in Photoshop, send your basketball photos to experts like FixThePhoto and let them edit your pictures fast and realistically at affordable price.

    Freebies for Basketball Photography

    BasketballPhotography requires both good picture editing and a great shot. The following freebies can make editing basketball photos faster and easier.

    Free PS Action “Dramatic”

    This will make your basketball photos look fresher and more vibrant. It will allow you to take stunning, captivating shots.

    Free PS Overlays “Red Fire”

    This overlay is ideal for promotional images where action is the key. The overlay will allow you to create stunning, vivid, and rich photos that can be used on websites or in different sports catalogs.

    Free LR Presets “Cool Tones Lr Presets”

    This preset will give you a sharp and clear picture. Your photo will have a rich, deep effect and a distant feeling.

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