Top 40 Aztec warrior names with their meaning

The Aztecs were a culture in central Mexico in the post-classic period. Although they included many different ethnicities, they were still dominated by the Mexicans. The naming system in Aztec was a greatly valued procedure, and they ensured that the names given were meaningful. Since bravery was a highly valued trait during this time, many children were given Aztec warrior names.

Top 40 Aztec warrior names
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Aztec was a warring civilization as wars were waged all the time to conquer new lands. This made Aztec warriors vital people in society. It, therefore, makes sense that a new parent looking for unique Aztec baby names for his or her baby would pick a brave person’s name. Another common practice that was highly valued was naming children after the Aztec gods and goddesses.

Aztec warrior names

Aztec names They are unique and meaningful, which is what most people want in a name. A good name is something that your child will have for the rest of their lives and is in a sense the greatest gift you will ever give them. Although there are several gender-neutral Aztec names, most of them were divided according to gender. So, what were common Aztec names?

Aztec warrior names male

Top 40 Aztec warrior names
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The Aztecs worshipped many deities, therefore, naming male children after gods is a practice that was faithfully observed. Many Aztec names, just like Mayan boy names, were also derived from nature.

In that time period, most of the warriors were male, meaning that most boys were named after a warrior from one of the factions. If you have asked yourself “What is a good name for a warrior?”, then you have come to the right place to find cute Aztec boy names.

  • Chicahua: Strong.
  • Chimalli: shield
  • Guatemoc: the falling eagle
  • Ilhicamina: he who shoots arrows at the sky
  • Montezuma: the last ruler of Aztec
  • Nahuatl: unisex name for the goddess of water and rivers
  • Namacuix: An Aztec name meaning king
  • Necalli: Baby-names meaning battle.
  • Ohtli: champion
  • Quetzalcoatl: the Aztec god of wind and rain. He was credited as the creator of earth and humanity
  • Tlacelel: the greatest of our war heroes
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  • Tlaloc: the Aztec god of rain. The name means ‘of the earth’
  • Tupack: warrior
  • Tupoc: warrior (spelling variation of Tupack)
  • Xicohtencatl: angry bumblebee (the name signifies bravery on the battlefield)
  • Xiuhcoatl: a weapon of destruction
  • Yaotl: soldier
  • Yaotyl: rival

Aztec warrior names for females

Top 40 Aztec warrior names
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Most female Aztec names were given according to birth order. This was based on your age and whether you were the younger or older sister. Some girls were named after natural elements, however.

Due to their high reverence, it was common for girls to be named after gods. The Aztec warrior names for baby girls include the following:

  • Acuecucyoticihuati: the goddess of the ocean
  • Ahuic: goddess of running water in rivers, streams, and waves
  • Apozanolotl: goddess of purity
  • Atlacamani: goddess of storms
  • Atlacoya: goddess of drought
  • Atlatonin: the mother-goddess
  • Ayauhteotl: the goddess of haze and mist
  • Chalmecacihuilt: goddess of the underworld
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  • Chiconahui: the hearth-goddess
  • Chimalma: a shield-bearer
  • Huixtocihuatl: the fertility goddess
  • Ilamatecuhtli: fertility and death goddess
  • Metztli: goddess of night
  • Nahuatl: goddess of water and rivers
  • Necahual: survivor
  • Ohtli: a champion
  • Tonantzin: mother earth
  • Tozi: the goddess of healing and sweet water
  • Xilonen: the goddess of maize/corn
  • Xitllali: the goddess of the moon
  • Yaotl: soldier/warrior
  • Ylihuali: the source of life

Aztec last names are the perfect combination of beautiful and unique, and it is no surprise that they are the first choice of names for new parents. Using one of these meaningful Aztec warrior names for your child is the best thing you could do for them. has a list of the most popular Japanese male names plus their meanings. Japanese culture is famous all over the world, and their unique names have attracted parents from all over.

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