How To Make Avocado Juice?

There are lots of reasons why avocados may have become a super-trendy ingredient in the last few years. They’re versatile, nutritious and high in healthy fats. But that does not mean that they’re not as tasty as other ingredients. This three-ingredient beverage, avocado juice, is low in calories and doesn’t require coconuts or ice cubes! Plus, it’s super easy to make from home!

Avocado juice is the low-key version of the avocado smoothie. But that doesn’t mean it’s not as tasty! This three-ingredient juice can be your go-to breakfast drink or a pre-workout option, so we’re here to share our favorite recipe with you!

How To Make Avocado Juice?

Partridge Ranch Whole Foods is one of the most popular places to buy avocados in the entire US. In fact, avocado has been trending for the last few years, and they’ve been used in a variety of new recipes.

The cubed fruit makes for a delicious addition to healthy smoothies, due to its creamy texture and solid amount of good fats. That’s why avocado smoothies call for a list of ingredients. Avocado juice is a great alternative solution if you don’t have it on hand. It only requires a few ingredients and they are all easily available in people’s kitchens or, more specifically, your kitchen.

There are two types of avocado: the Hass and the Brown. For a condiment-like dish, the brown type is ideal. Its rich and buttery flavor adds a nice contrast to the creamy texture of avocado, but the cubed fruit can be used anywhere it’s needed. Avocado smoothies call for many ingredients, so in moments where you may not have what you need, avocado juice can come to the rescue!

Storing Avocado Juice:

If you’re planning to save your expensive smoothies and juice for later, you should know that you should slightly decrease the amount of air in the container. This can keep it fresh as long as a day, but it will also change color if left too long. You’ll need to decide whether its taste or smell changes on your own, or if you think something is off. If it’s thought to be altered then it’s best to discard.

Sometimes you may want a big batch of smoothies or juice. But is there enough space in your refrigerator?

Don’t worry; you can easily preserve a smoothie for up to a day! The juice will last for 12 hours if you seal it tightly in a mason jar, but the color changes over time because of oxidation. If this happens, try adding some lemon juice since antioxidants in the lemon tend to prevent oxidation from happening. Whether something should be discarded really depends on how much of an impact the change in color has made on how it tastes or smells.

Choosing Avocados For The Juice:

Always make sure to use ripe avocados when making your avocado juice. The flesh should be yellow-green in color and semi-soft to touch. Avocados don’t freeze very well, so if you have a big batch, puree the flesh and freeze them in airtight bags. Make sure you add some lemon to prevent oxidation or discoloring. This puree can last for 3 to 6 months but it will not have the same taste as freshly cut avocado. Enjoy your avocado juice and let us know what you think of our recipe!

Take care when cutting avocados. The flesh should be yellow-green in color, semi-soft to touch, and have no brown spots.

Freezes covered tightly will last up to 3 months. You can also puree the flesh and freeze in bags without adding any lemon juice to prevent oxidation or discoloring. This puree will not taste like a freshly cut avocado. We hope you enjoy your avocado juice and let us know what you think!

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