Automation Technology Trends

Automation Technology

What comes to your mind when you hear about automation technology trends? Usually, we imagine robotic hands in factories, industrial installations that are able to perform works without any or almost any intrusion of people, and similar. However, what about our homes? What automation can bring there to make our lives more comfortable and easy? Let us have a closer look at the options available with automation solutions to improve our homes.

Height Adjustable Desks Make Our Life More Comfortable

The very first thing is to get automated devices that protect your health. A custom height adjustable desk is one of them. There are several benefits such an item can deliver you:

  • You will stop gaining weight because such a desk allows you to change your position from a sitting to a standing one and vice versa. 
  • You will forget about pains in the back and neck because you will have an opportunity to stretch your joints and muscles and let them relax.
  • In the long run, a standing desk can prevent you from obesity and such obesity-related issues as diabetes, for example. 
  • If you feel fine, you are motivated to work. It increases your productivity and enables you to complete all tasks faster. 

An Automated Bed for a Better Sleeping Experience

If you wake up and do not feel that you have rested, it might be the bed. Some beds are not suitable for propped thus, the wished rest doesn’t deliver the expected results. There are also cases when people, due to, say, problems with the spine or other medical issues feel discomfort when using a usual bed.

If you want to improve the quality of your sleep or if a medical condition doesn’t permit you to enjoy your rest, you might try an automated bed. While the offer in the market is not as extensive as, say, the one of standing desks, it is important to select the beds manufactured by experienced companies. So, if a company has been for ages in the market or linear actuators, and if it produces some more related products, the same desks, for example, the chances that there, you can meet a decent product, are significantly higher. 

Make sure that some research was performed before developing one or another bed model. The bed in any position shall provide the support that follows the natural body posture. 

Check if the bed is upholstered because it is an additional advantage. But even if not, and you like the option indeed, you can handle the upholstering on your own.

Automated TV Lift to Add More Comfort

Another item you might want to use is an automated TV lift. It is suitable in cases you do not have sufficient space for a new device or if you just want to get something incredibly impressive.

When it comes to the TV lift installations, several options are available. 

You can choose to install the lift in a cabinet. While it might cost you time and some effort, the results are rewarding. Just imagine how your TV is rising from the cabinet with just a push of a button.

Another option is to fix it on the wall behind a furniture piece or just on the wall. Then, you can hide your TV set if you aren’t watching it or move it to a comfortable position to enjoy your favorite movie or a TV show.

The most difficult but the most impressive option is, in our opinion, to fix the TV set above the ceiling. Then, you can lower it with a remote control and move it back above the ceiling when you do not need it. For this installation, though, you might need to hire an electrician to handle the wiring arrangement. If you do not have any experience in doing such installations, it is a good idea to hire a specialist.

Automation Ideas for the Kitchen

Your kitchen can benefit from automated solutions significantly, indeed. So, you can install lifting columns in cabinets to store all the devices there you have ever been dreaming about. You can fix drop-down racks for your spices and kitchen utensils. And finally, you can install a lift table in your kitchen or your dining room – depending on the size of your accommodation. Have a look around – drop-down shelves, lift panels, foldable chairs, or whatever else comes to your mind is possible now. You are limited by your imagination only.

Bottom Line

The mentioned options are just a few of those opportunities that automation can provide you with. Whether you have a flat or a house, there is always something that can be improved there. Automated curtains, solar panels with automated trackers, patio furniture that can be hidden and lifted whenever you need – this is a short list of the opportunities that are open to you.

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