Many people may not know about popular gambling in Australia. Some people have only heard of gambling “hot spots” like Macau and Las Vegas, but in fact, Australia is a place where gambling is almost universal. Go through the history of gambling.

Besides, the great variety of offline gambling places, there are hundreds of Australian online casinos. And all of them propose a vast collection of gambling activities. And best australian online casino is not an exclusion. 

In Australia, the number of slot machines is as high as 19.6 XNUMX, old and young people have a soft spot for it, and it is also the most common method of gambling in Australia.

In addition, there are also a variety of casinos and lottery outlets in Australian cities, which have almost formed a diverse gambling industry.

As we all know, Australia is vast and sparsely populated, with a population density of only 3.2 people per square kilometer. Many people who travel to Australia once lamented that it is too deserted and very suitable for elderly care. But Australian casinos are full of people, which gives people the feeling of being in a busy city.

Speaking of which, many people may be very puzzled. How did Australia spread gambling in a sparsely populated country? Where did the gambling culture come from?

If you want to trace the source of Australian gambling, you need to dive into the history of Australia.

A British Colony

When Britain was at its peak, it had colonies all over the world. At first, British criminals were exiled to North America in large numbers, but after the independence of North America, the British government had no choice but to put it aside, so Australia became the best choice.

Later, in 1788, Australia began to accept criminals. Sydney – a colony of New South Wales was established for the center.

But what the British leaders did not expect was that these criminals were originally the main workforce for land reclamation, but eventually became a catalyst for the spread of gambling.

At that time, the UK was in the Georgian era. It was the most widespread gambling period in Britain. There gambling was considered one of the most important social activities. And most of these criminals in the UK have long been addicted to gambling, they are good at cockfighting, dogfighting, craps, and other games of chance. Therefore, the arrival of criminals also brought gambling from Europe.

At the same time, the Australian colonial government of the time turned a blind eye to the management of gambling. They had more difficult things to manage in time. For example, the local people’s food and clothing, bad weather, etc.

Freedmen Emigration- HISTORY OF GAMBLING

Over time, more and more Australians love gambling. Especially in 1810, after the new governor-general Macaulay took office, he began to focus on the change of British policy. Later, British freedmen emigrated to Australia in large numbers, and a wider gambling culture followed them.

In short, in this country, there are more and more gambling places such as racecourses and cockfights, which can be said to have triggered a gambling frenzy, so Australians at the time thought that there were no cities such as racecourses and other gambling places. Not worthy of being called a city.

First World War

Later, we will talk about the First World War, when the Anzac regiment fought across the ocean and the Middle East. In addition to training or training on the sea, the navy soldiers have a boring life. Therefore, between battles, Australian soldiers, in order to enrich their lives and satisfy their inner desires, had brought gambling on the warships.

They use their own military pay to do gambling. The method of gambling is called “double well”, which is to toss a coin and guess the direction of the coin. This was also really reflected in later Australian films, such as Gallipoli.

After World War II

After World War II, gambling in Australia began to be characterized by consolidation and industrialization. The first is that the Australian government began to formally control the gambling industry in order to increase tax revenue.

The big businesses also pay special attention to this area, building a large number of gambling locations and even integrating gambling and tourism. Since then, many large casinos have appeared in major cities in Australia, and these places have eventually become city landmarks.


Today, Australia’s gambling industry has become the country’s mainstay industry and has pushed other industries to create many “shiners”. The most amazing thing is that even the Australian telecommunications industry is inferior. The annual advertising costs of the gambling industry alone reach 15 billion Australian dollars.

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