Asus UX501VW Review 2021: Top Full Guide

asus ux501vw review

The Asus UX501VW was launch in 2015. It inherits many features of the last version NX500 and is one of the premium multimedia laptop with 4k, 15 inch display. TheGoneApp’s here after fews day using, with the Asus Ux501Vw Review, to help you find out whats made this machine so incredible.

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Asus Zenbook Pro UX501VW Review & Guide 2021


asus ux501vw

About the 15-inch ZenBook Pro, Asus requires an easy, virtually symmetrical approach to style. The device features an all-aluminum chassis wrapped with the company’s signature vibrating ring end on the metallic grey lid, together with polished, subtle borders on either side. If you open the lid, then you will find far more concentric rings placed close to the back of the computer keyboard, along with also an ample, brushed alloy deck where you can rest your hands.

Though the ZenBook Pro’s lid, along with hands rest, have a bit more flex than you buy from additional aluminum-bodied systems, such as the 15-inch MacBook Pro, it is not sufficient to cause concern and the UX501VW feels very strong.

Weighing 5 lbs, Asus’ ZenBook Pro (15.1 x 10 x 0.8 inches) is roughly half a pound heavier and slightly bigger and thicker than additional 15-inch tablets. That contains the 2015 MacBook Pro (14. X 9.7 x 0.71 inches and 4.49 lbs ), the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Pro (14. X 9.8 x 0.70 along with also 4.45 lbs ), particularly Dell’s glossy XPS 15 (14.01 x 9.23 x 0.45-0.66-inches and 4.4 lbs ).


The UX501VW comprises a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) touchscreen like its older brother, but with a different LP156UD1-SPB1 panel in LG Philips rather than this Samsung SDC434B. This contributes to different color precision results as revealed in our dimensions under. Asus can be sticking into the RGBW pixel power to provide more precise colors in the price of comparison, very similar to the current Lenovo Yoga 900 Ultrabook. Nevertheless, black levels are somewhat stronger in contrast to the previous year’s version.

Backlight brightness is much worse than earlier in return, with a mean of approximately 250 nits in comparison to 300 nits within our preceding unit. That is still more than adequate for indoor use however is more economical than most of its rivals. There’s some slight backlight bleeding around every one of the four corners also that just become evident if watching pictures with black pubs and in large brightness settings.

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Additionally, it is worth noting that the display is beneath a thicker coating of glass than other touchscreen laptops, so texts and colors don’t”soda” as firmly as they want skinnier screens due to bigger overlying glass.

Gamut is broader now, around at roughly 58% and 89% of their AdobeRGB and sRGB criteria, respectively. This is better than many gaming laptops, although the more recent Dell XPS 15 UHD version has it overcome with a much broader margin by covering 89 percent of AdobeRGB and most sRGB.

Additional screen dimensions with the X-Rite spectrophotometer show just ordinary grayscale with normally great colors. A fast calibration will improve dramatically, and we suggest it to find the absolute most from this screen. Colors still develop progressively less true at higher hardness levels because of imperfect sRGB coverage.

Keyboard and Touchpad

asus ux501vw keyboard

Having a traveling distance of 2.1 millimeters, the ZenBook Pro’s keyboard features a lengthy stroke. This, when coupled with all the keyboard’s 62 g of mandatory actuation force, makes for a comfortable studying experience. But if you are utilized on boards using a shortcut journey, such as I’m, it may take some time to adapt to pressing all of the ways to enroll. I struck 76 words a minute on 10fastfingers. Com’s scanning evaluation that it was about the size of the average 75-80 wpm range, but not annoyingly so.

The one trade-off Asus makes about the computer keyboard is a half-size Right Shift key in exchange for a pair of full-size arrow keys. Even though this can do typing a bit slower initially, it is a sacrifice that rewards video pros that frequently use the keys to navigate to different frames while composing.

Even the ZenBook Pro’ so ample, 4 x 2.75-inch touchpad features a sleek, silver-matte complete that blends with all the metal decks. As anticipated, the touchpad reacted quickly and directly into clicking and interrogating expressions, for example, two-finger scrolling and pinch-to-zoom.

Hardware, functionality, and upgrade options

We had just one of the beefiest Zenbook UX501 configurations for this particular trailer which contains the Intel Core i7 6700HQ processor, 16 GB of RAM, a 512 GB SSD, and Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M GPU (together with Optimus and Intel HD 4600).

But because this is a more pre-production version, we are not likely to get in-depth on functionality, benchmarks, and gambling outcomes. I am certain many of you’d be interested in people, so stay near. The moment I get my hands on a final retail version, I shall update this segment.

In comparison to the previous year’s NX500, however, the UX501 is a relatively different alternative. First, it currently gets a powerful quad-core 47W processor instead of this Core i7-4712HQ processor from the NX500. That’ll be observable regarding demanding jobs such as editing photos/video, conducting programming applications, virtual machines, and so forth. The new processor is hungrier and heats up faster, though, and specified how the NX500 had problems under load, and I am somewhat concerned about the UX501. On the flip side, when it has to do with images, the GTX 960M chip should not be a significant step-up in the 860M alternative employed from the NX500. However, it will operate colder and much more effectively.

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Again, we are not drawing any conclusions, but in the little that I could say, this new setup appears to work well in many tasks, even in people who place the hardware into severe work. The inner cooling system has been changed with this brand new Zenbook and obtained redesigned heat pipes.

Talking of the internals, you will see that there’s a RAM DIMM on this notebook, in addition to an M.two PCIe 80 millimeter console. This DIMM may take around 8 GB of memory, while 8 GB of RAM can also be soldered onto the motherboard. To put it differently, you may wind up getting a maximum of 16 GB of RAM with this system. The M.two slots encourage PCIe SSDs quickly, and also, this evaluation unit packs a 512 GB Samsung XP941 rod, among the quickest accessible today (and among the priciest too ).

BTW, obtaining the internals is a rather straightforward task. Still, you will need a Torx T4 screwdriver for several of the screws across the rear-panel along with also a Phillips PH0 for your additional two screws concealed under the back rubber toes.


At first glance, the ZenBook Pro seems to conceal its speakers supporting the circular patterns onto its deck. Still, the sound comes out of a pair of Bang & Olufsen’s situated on opposite surfaces of the notebook’s underside in actuality. When listening to Ratatat’s”Neckbrace,” I enjoyed the machine’s apparent highs along with its reproduction of those wailing guitars. However, I found its low-end thump missing as I overlooked the headbanging bass I had been searching for.


Discrete images frequently make it hard for a method to continue to keep its warmth properly dried up. However, the ZenBook Pro did not suffer from this problem. Once we streamed a movie to 15 minutes, the hottest place on the machine (the bottom, between both center buffs ) quantified only 91 degrees Fahrenheit, securely under our 95-degree relaxation threshold.

The distance between the H and G keys was cooler, at 88 degrees, and the touchpad did not enroll far over room temperature, so at 80 levels.

Ports and Webcam

asus ux501vw ports

Along with three standard USB 3.0 interfaces, the ZenBook Pro today features a more super-fast USB-C link with assistance for Thunderbolt 3.

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That usually means the port may hook up an external screen or even create blazing-fast data transfers at up to 40 Gbps. You also receive a combo microphone/headphone jack, HDMI 2.0, along with an SD card reader.

Even the HD webcam is not as impressive, however. The image I snapped within our well-lit office came out too dim, grainy, and gentle for me to love it.

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Battery Life

Asus has been able to squeeze a significant 96Wh battery into the UX501VW’s chassis. The Powermark battery standard simulates internet surfing and video playback, then the notebook lasts for 7hrs 10mins in a complete charge.

I discovered it had been possible to easily undergo the majority of a working day without plugging into the UX501VW. An hour of Netflix watching consumed 28 percent of this battery, or so the notebook will handle nearly four hours of sound video from the mains.

Software and Warranty

The ZenBook Pro includes Windows 10 Home and a Couple of media-editing programs, such as Cyberlink’s PhotoDirector and PowerDirector. However, these apps look like superfluous developments because the notebook’s target market of Windows-based innovative professionals tends to elect to get Adobe’s more-powerful Tracking programs. For people who don’t have access to something such as Premiere or even Photoshop, Asus conveniently provides a gift box comprising a 20% off coupon to get Adobe Creative Cloud along with other application deals.

You also become useful utilities like Nvidia’s GeForce Expertise, together with Asus Live Update, that will help optimize and upgrade your notebook to help keep it operating smoothly. The Zen Book Pro includes the Asus’ standard one-year warranty also.


Customer reviews on Amazon


The ASUS Zenbook Pro UX501VW is a notebook that attempts a lot of different items simultaneously to cast the broadest net and receive the most clients possible under a single brand. If you are a student who requires a powerful notebook for sculpting a creative professional that needs a color-accurate monitor, this is undoubtedly the choice for you.

However, suppose you’re searching for something which may game consistently or maintain its battery living long enough to continue through a half-day lecture. In that case, you are probably better off using the MSI Ghost Pro 4K or even Samsung Chromebook two rather than If the cost lasted somewhat longer or the image’s operation was marginally more significant, and we might provide the Zenbook better compliments. Still, with no essential hits, it is only a messy, albeit beautifully designed notebook that does not know what it needs to be or who is supposed to purchase it.

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