50 Best Animal Rights Quotes About Animal Welfare

Sensible beings, animals have the same rights as humans to live on Earth.

They are creatures of bone and blood with feelings. Humans have used them to their advantage in order to satisfy various consumer-driven requirements. AnimalRights are based on the belief that an animal should not have its life taken away, be treated poorly, or worse, or treated as a commodity and should have equal rights to live free.

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Animal rights is the solution. All animals deserve to live their lives in freedom. Ingrid Newkirk (also known by People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) is the founder and most prominent advocate for animal rights.

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Inspirational Quotes About AnimalLovers

Wake up the inner animal lover in you with animal lovers quotes.

Do you want to find a great animal rights quote? Or cute quotes about animals? This list will be a hit.

1. “The idea that animals have no rights and that we treat them with moral disregard is an outrageous example of Western cruelty and barbarism.”

― Arthur Schopenhauer, ‘The Basis Of Morality’.

2. “He who is cruel to animals is also hard on men.”

― Emmanuel Kant.

3. “The question here is not, “Can they reason?” “It is not a question of ‘can they reason?’ But ‘can they suffer?

― Jeremy Bentham.

4. “Dogs don’t have many advantages over humans, but one is very important: Euthanasia isn’t prohibited by law in their cases; animals have the right of a merciful end.”

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― Milan Kundera, ‘The Unbearable Lightness Of Being’.

5. “Kindness and compassion toward all living beings is a hallmark of a civilized community. However, cruelty against humans or animals is not the province of one culture or group of people.

― Cesar Chavez.

6. “Until animal life is considered worthy of the respect and reverence we lavish upon books, pictures, historic monuments, there’ll always be an animal refugee, living in precarious conditions, dependent for survival on the charity and support of a few humans.”

― Gerald Durrell.

7. “If we don’t have the ability to be cordial with these animals’ fleeces, then I think we should freeze.”

― Marianne Moore, ‘Complete Poems’.

8. “Intelligence” is the ability to live in harmony and harmony with one’s environment.

― Paul Watson.

8. These enthusiasts love to hang signs saying “Gone Fishin” or “Gone Huntin”.” These slogans actually mean “Gone Killing”.

― Marc Bekoff, ‘Animals Matter’.

9. “Women, and all other animals, are thegoneapp.comlued as their age.”

― Lisa Kemmerer, ‘Sister Species’.

10. 10.

― Marc Bekoff, ‘Animals Matter’.

Famous Quotes About Animal RightsBy Famous Animal RightsActivists

There are many famous animal rights activists whose quotes all animal lovers will find relevant.

Here are some quotes from famous animal rights activists like George Bernard Shaw or Mark Twain.

11. “Only after we are nonviolent in our interactions with all life can we learn to live well together.”

― Cesar Chavez.

12. “I support animal rights and human rights.” That is how a human being should live.

― Abraham Lincoln.

13. “It is not wrong for a human being to show kindness to animals.”

Joaquin Phoenix.

14. “Humanity’s true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals.”

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― Milan Kundera.

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15. 15.

― Ellen DeGeneres, ‘My Point… And I Do Have One’.

16. “One day, we will see the absurdity in almost all human beliefs about the slavery of animals.” Then, we will have found our souls and be more worthy of sharing this planet together.

― Martin Luther King, Jr.

17. “Animals should not be allowed to live on the same earth as us.”

― Anthony Douglas William.

18. 18.

― Mehmet Murat İldan.

19. “With every species of animal that is extinct, there’s one more chance for human growth and possibility.”

― Laurence Overmire, ‘The One Idea That Saves The World’.

20. “It is like man’s vanity, impertinence, to call an animals dumb because it is dull to his dull perceptions.”

-Mark Twain.

21. “The way that animals are treated can tell a lot about a nation’s greatness and moral progress.”

-Mahatma Ghandi.

22. 22.

-George Bernard Shaw.

23. 23. To do so is imprudent.

Leo Tolstoy.

24. 24.

-Shenita Ewaroo.

25. “The noble attribute of man is his love for all living things.”

-Charles Darwin.

26. 26.

-Francis de Assisi.

27. 27.

-Arthur Schopenhauer.

28. 28.

-Rachel Carson.

29. 29.

-Ingrid E Newkirk.

30. You don’t have the ability to be perfect or clever in order to make a positive difference in the world. All you need is kindness.”

― Paul Oxton.

Vegan QuotesAnd Animal RightsActivism Quotes

To avoid meat and dairy products, most animal rights activists have become vegan. Here’s a list featuring quotes by Isaac Bashevis Singer on going vegan and supporting animal rights.

31. 31.

― Leonardo da Vinci.

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32. 32.

-James Cromwell.

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33. 33.

― Jonathan Safran Foer, ‘Eating Animals’.

34. 34.


35. 35. This extra grain could feed 60 million people around the globe who are starving each year.

― Marc Bekoff, ‘Animals Matter’.

36 “We are literally gambling with the future, just for the sake of hamburgers.”

-Peter Singer.

37. 37. Vegetarianism is what I believe in. It’s a strong statement, I believe.

― Isaac Bashevis Singer

38. 38.

― Chris Hedges.

39. 39.

-Mahatma Ghandi.

40 “Think about the suffering you may be spared if you’re not in pain.”

-Albert Schweitzer.

41. 41.

-Dr Michael Klaper.

42 42. He who sows murder and pain can’t reap the joy of loving.


43. “Our task is to be free…by expanding our circle of compassion so that we embrace all living creatures as well as the beauty of nature.”

-Albert Einstein.

44 44.

-Linda McCartney.

45 45.


46 46. They are not meant for humans, just as Blacks weren’t made to be whites or women made for men.

-Alice Walker.

47 47. You should stop exploiting animals.

-Gary Francione.

48 “Personal purity doesn’t really matter. It is not about supporting animal cruelty, or persuading other people to do so.

-Peter Singer.

49. 49. It’s as simple as that.

-Paul McCartney.

50. “The soul is the same for all living things, even though the body of each one is different.”


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