Among Us: Everything you need to know about the game

The game, Among Us, seems to have taken up the internet by storm. This game is everywhere, with thousands of people across Twitch regarding the alien imposters within a spaceship.

If you’re a millennial and pretty active on Twitter, then Among Us is something you should know. Well, if you fit the criteria and aren’t aware of what the game is, then probably you’ve been living under the rocks.

Moreover, one of the main reasons why Among Us became so popular is memes. We all have been fans of Telly-Tubby. And the aliens in Among Us look similar to these telly-tubby creatures.

The Among Us players need to play in an active multiplayer game. Within a few months itself, the popularity of the Among Us skyrocketed. Here, we’ve brought a comprehensive guide regarding the game, Among Us.

What is Among Us? How do you play?

Among Us is an online multiplayer game that was developed by InnerSloth. The game allows four to ten players at once. Either you can create a group and play or stay active on the platform online.

In the game, you play as the crew member of the spaceship, planet base, and sky headquarters. All the members of the ship work in collaboration with each other to come to Earth. But, one of the members is replaced by the shape-shifting parasitic aliens who want to hijack the ship by killing other crew members.

The problem here lies in the fact that this imposter wants to sabotage the shop and sneak through vents to kill the fellow players and then frame others to appear as the actual killer. One of the main reasons it will be tough to identify the imposter is that he looks just like everyone else. The imposter takes up all these steps to protect himself and kill the rest of the crew. One of the game’s main parts is that there can be more than one imposter in the game.

Why did Among Us become so popular?

Among Us was launched in 2018 but wasn’t so widespread. However, it is in recent times that Among Us shot to fame. By mid-September, Among Us, all of a sudden gained fame. But why such an increase in popularity?

Twitch Streamers played an essential role in making Among Us popular. Among Us has over 3.3 million followers on Twitch itself and stands next to Fortnite, which has around 3.7 million followers on Twitch. Online streamers like Shroud, PewDiePie, Ninja, and Sodapoppin have all streamed this game, and eventually, the game shot to fame.

Apart from Twitch, the memes on Reddit and Twitter also contributed to the rising popularity of Among Us. But, a lot of people have exhausted this game, especially during the times of coronavirus quarantine. In the quarantine period itself, several players played this game. What’s excellent about omg Us is that it is incredibly efficient and an easy game to play.

The game is one of those that support multiple or cross-platform games. The players can play the game through local and online games. As a result, the players can play the game from any device they want. Many players also access the Discord chat feature in real-time to access details and ensure that they can play easily.

These online streamers have partnered with the leading celebrities like Drake and Travis Scott, which has made it one of the most widely seen games in collaboration with Ninja.

Is Among Us free? What devices can you play it in?

Among Us is one of the free games that’s available on Android and iOS devices. If you are playing Among Us from your PC, you will need to pay $5. Furthermore, you can easily download the game via and Stream.

The only inconvenience that you will face while playing the free game is that it contains ads. Once you download and access the game, you 2ill need to see the pop-up ads to get data. If you want to get rid of ads and data collection procedures, you can easily remove the ads by switching from the free version to the paid version. The charges will be $2. Just tap on the Remove ads option, and you’re all good to go.

The best thing about the platform is that if one player in the team hosts the $2 ad-free version, everyone in the game will get access to it, even if the other players do not pay for it. Both mobile and PC games provide several options for microtransactions such as pets, skin, and even hats. Most of these are free, but even if you pay for it, your gameplay will in no way be affected.

Among Us, you can keep a tab on how many players can play the game. You can either jump in with strangers or with friends to continue your gameplay.

How many people can play Among Us?

The Among Us can be played by four to ten players at one go.

Will there be an Among Us sequel?

In September, InnerSloth, the developers of Among Us, stated that they might launch Among Us. But, for now, the projects remain canceled, and they are focused on expanding the current Among Us. In one of the blog posts, the developers mentioned that the popularity of Among Us led them to decide on developing the game.

In their official statement, the developers said that the plans of Among Us 2 would be included in the game Among Us only. The developers plan to update the contents of the game to enhance the experience.

According to the developers, the new content may include new servers, colorblind support, and even a new stage. However, there will not be any significant changes in the ETA.

Among Us is undoubtedly one of the most popular games that can enhance your overall experience. It is time that you switch into Among Us and starts relishing all the experiences. It’s convenient and easy to play.

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