Akatsuki Rings Meaning

They are beautiful, they are symbolic, but above all, they are mysterious! Welcome young Shinobis, today in this article we will unveil to you the secrets about what do the Akatsuki rings mean!

Missing-nins wear Akatsuki Rings as a sign of their loyalty to the Organisation Akatsuki. Each ring has a different meaning and possesses a symbol from the Chinese mythology.

Because of all the mystery behind them, fans therefore still have several questions about the secret behind the Akatsuki Rings Meaning like:

  • What do the Akatsuki rings do ?
  • What does each Akatsuki ring mean?
  • What does each Akatsuki Ring mean?
  • Whose Akatsuki rings are they?
  • Why is the Akatsuki ring so important?

If one of these questions tortures your mind, don’t worry! Here we will summarize everything there is to know about these Akatsuki ring fingers so that they won’t hold any more secrets for you!Sounds good? Then let’s find out together what do all the Akatsuki Rings mean !



Akatsuki rings are very significant jewels that show loyalty to Akatsuki. Each Akatsuki member once recruited receives a unique ring that is decorated with a kanji (symbol) and a distinct color.

Receiving an Akatsuki ring is a very sensitive gift because once put on, the Akatsuki Ring cannot be removed. Orochimaru who was once part this organization had his arm removed in order not to be bound to it any longer.

They are also necessary to extract the Bijuus. We believe they have certain powers and their bearing is crucial for the group’s cohesion.


In total, there are 10 different Akatsuki members rings, each one with its own symbol, it’s own color and it’s own position to wear on the hand.



All Akatsuki ring symbols are Japanese Kanjis. For 8 members, these kanjis are related to the divinities of Chinese mythology: Seiryu, Byakko, Suzaku, Genbu, Kuchin, Nanju, Hokuto, Santai, and Gyokuno.

Each one of these divinities is represented in a different way and can be related to the different members of the Akatsuki except the chief; indeed, his kanji is unrelated to these Chinese gods as it is translated as “REI”. This term is ambivalent: on one side it can mean “spirit” and on the other side, it is also defined by the number zero.

Here is a list of all the Akatsuki rings and their owners where we explain what does each Akatsuki ring mean and where we give you some instructions for the placement and positions where you should wear them:


itachi ring

Itachi’s ring is red with the Japanese kanji 朱 (lit. “Shu”) which means “Vermillon” in English. This Itachi Akatsuki Ring needs to be worn on your right ring finger.

Itachi joined Akatsuki, and was given his ring by Tobi. Tobi helped Itachi kill all his clan members. Itachi’s first partner was Jūzō Biwa, jōnin from Kirigakure and a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

After Jūzō’s death, Itachi started traveling with another Hidden Mist Missing-nin, Kisame Hoshigaki, with who he’ll make friends very quickly.


Pain akatsuki ring

Pain’s Akatsuki ring is blue or yellow with the Japanese kanji 零 (lit. “Rei”) which means “Zero” in English. Pain also wears his right thumb ring.

Pain (Pein) was the leader of the Akatsuki clan and was in fact Yahiko’s dead body controlled at distance by Nagato. Pein is also one that Nagato controls using his Rinnegan.


sasori ring

Sasori’s ring is purple with the Japanese kanji 玉 (lit. “Gyoku”) which means “jewel” and “ball” in English. The right place for the Sasori Akatsuki rings is on the left thumb.

Konan has recruited Sasori, the red sand, after he had destroyed another land all by himself. Sasori was one the most skilled puppet masters. However, he died fighting Sakura (his grandmother Chiyo) and Chiyo (his grandmother).


deidara ring

Deidara’s Ring is blue with the Japanese Kanji 青 (lit. “ao” and “shō”) which means “Blue” and “Green” in English and must be worn on the right index finger.

Deidara was a Missing-nin from Iwagakure (Village Hidden in the stone) and has been recruited by Itachi and Kisame after he almost blew himself because of Itachi’s Genjutsu.

Deidara was also an expert in Bakuton (the art of making explosions) and was killed fighting Sasuke Uchiha when he was teamed up with Tobi.


kisame ring

Kisame’s ring is yellow with the Japanese kanji 南 (lit. “Nan”) which means “south” in English. You must wear the Kisame Akatsuki (ring) on your left ring finger.

Kisame was recruited by Pain (Pein) to form a team with Itachi Uchiha after Jūzō Biwa died while trying to capture the Yondaime Mizukage. Kisame, one of seven Hidden Mist swordsmen, was the owner of Samehada, one of the most powerful swords in the Naruto series.


konan ring

Konan’s ring is white where is inscribed the Japanese kanji 白 (lit. “Byaku”) which means “white” in English. The Konan Akatsuki Ring was originally worn on the right side of the middle finger.

Konan, a powerful Kunoichi, was one of the leaders of the Akatsuki Clan along with Yahiko or Nagato. They met during wartime and formed the Akatsuki together to bring peace to the globe.


kakuzu ring

Kakuzu’s ring is blue with the Japanese kanji 北 (lit. “Hoku”) which means “north” in English. Kakuzu Akatsuki’s ring was worn by his owner on his left middle finger.

Kakuzu was an immortal Shinobi and a mercenary who had a deep desire for money. Pain (Pein) recruited him and Zetsu helped him. He died fighting Kakashi, Hidden Leaf Ninjas.


hidan ring

Hidan’s ring is green with the Japanese kanji 三 (lit. “San”) which means “three” in English. Hidan Akatsuki rings must be worn correctly on the left index finger.

Hidan was an immortal Ninja, who, like Kakuzu belonged to Jashin’s cult. Kakuzu recruited Hidan with the help Konan and Itachi. Hidan died after losing a battle against Shikamaru.


orochimaru ring

Orochimaru’s ring is red with the Japanese kanji 空 (lit. “Kū”) which means “sky” and “void” in English. Sanin, the powerful Sanin used his Orochimaru Akatsuki rings on his left little finger.

Orochimaru made the decision to join Akatsuki by himself and fought for his recruit against Sasori (Pein). His sole goal was to use Akatsuki to continue his education to learn more powerful Jutsus.


zetsu ring

Zetsu’s ring can be yellow or red and has the Japanese kanji 亥 (lit. “Gai”) which means “boar” in English. Zetsu wore his ring on the right side of his little finger.

Zetsu was an unknown ninja who held the right hand Obito Madara and Zetsu. His body is made up of two entities: Black Zetsu (and White Zetsu).



Tobi’s Ring is purple with the Japanese kanji 玉 (lit. “Gyoku”) which means “jewel” and “ball” in English. Tobi Akatsuki’s ring must be worn on your left thumb.

Tobi was the Akatsuki’s secret leader. He’s, in fact, Obito Uchiha who survived and followed Madara’s plan to capture all the Nine-Tailed Beasts. Tobi joined the Akatsuki after Sasori was killed by Sakura and Chiyo and got Sasori’s ring back from his dead corpse.


Here we are, you now know everything there is to know about the famous Akatsuki’s rings. We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we loved writing it.

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Q: What is the significance of the Akatsuki rings? 

A: The Akatsuki rings are symbols of the members’ allegiance and identity. Each ring has a unique name, color, and kanji character, representing the member’s personality, role, or power. The rings also connect to the Gedo Statue, a device the Akatsuki uses to extract the tailed beasts from their hosts.

Q: How do I play Akatsuki ring games? 

A: You can play Akatsuki ring games online on websites like Sporcle, which offer interactive quizzes that test your knowledge of the Akatsuki rings. You can also create your own Akatsuki ring games by making questions or challenges based on the rings.

Q: What are some examples of Akatsuki ring games? 

A: Guessing the ring’s name, color, or kanji based on the member or the finger.

Matching the ring with the member or the finger.

Fill in the blanks or complete the sentences with the ring name, color, or kanji.

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