9 Ways to Boost Your Work From Home Productivity

Work From Home Productivity

Since the work from office culture is shifting to work from home, computers have become our 24/7 necessity. You are spending most of your daytime on your computer desk doing your office tasks rather than browsing the web or watching movies, as you once used to do. 

If you are working from home on a Mac, several tips will help you to make your work-from-home routine easier. 

Extend Your Screen 

You might be having a large screen in your workspace and now working on your MacBook seems a little stressing out. If you have an external display, use it as an extended or second screen. Use your iPad as a second display if you have one. 

On MacBook 2016 and later models, connect iPad and use Sidecar feature for using it as an extended display.

Get a Laptop Stand

This one is basic yet something that many of us ignore. However, the fact is that having a laptop stand brings along numerous benefits. It allows you to adjust the height of the MacBook screen to your eyes and prevents you from hunching back on it. 

Avoid neck aches by installing a laptop stand, even if you have a computer desk. You will also notice a rise in productivity graph with this simple hack. 

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Buy a Comfortable Chair

Comfort comes complementary when it is about working from home as many companies give their employees the flexibility to set their work routine. Take this comfort to the next level by having a comfortable chair that improves your sitting posture while preventing backaches. 

Get an adjustable chair for your computer desk and improve your overall performance significantly while handling work-related tasks. 

Quit Distracting Apps

Apart from social media, there are many other chatting, gaming, and entertainment apps that might be distracting you from your work-related tasks. Remove or disable all these apps and try to focus on your work. 

You can even limit the use of these apps to the lunch breaks or after job hours but try to avoid them during work.

Install a To-Do List Manager

Prioritize your tasks to complete them all in time within the pre-defined timeframe. Use a To-do task manager app for assigning and managing your day-to-day tasks in an organized manner without any hassle. 

You can handle the priority tasks during the most productive hours, say in the morning when you start and can assign the medium priority tasks for the latter part of the day. 

Clean Your Computer Often

When you are working from home, you might be receiving a lot of project files via email daily. You download the file and realize that it’s the same that you have received from a colleague in the morning. As a result, your hard drive storage starts to shrink.

Declutter your hard drive by deleting duplicate files, moving large documents to the cloud, removing duplicate files, etc. You may browse the web to look at more info on how to clean your computer to keep its performance optimized. 

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Take Regular Breaks

Breaks are necessary to maintain the consistency of workflow and stay focused. If you do not take a break every one and a half hours or so, you will feel exhausted and stressed out. If you wish, you may FaceTime your colleagues or utilize this time to chat with friends. 

It will also bring health benefits as you can spend time exercising to prevent neck aches or backaches and any other discomfort that sitting for long hours brings along. 

Do Not Multitask

The human brain is designed to handle one task at a time. Due to immense work pressure, people usually prefer working on multiple tasks altogether simultaneously. It only makes your work more complex; however, you can try to club difficult tasks with a simple one for better productivity. 

If you are habitual to accessing your social media app now and then, try downloading focus apps. These apps will help you focus on your goals by giving you access to a single application at a time. 

Use Headphones to Attend Meetings

Meetings are the biggest productivity-affecting component in any B2B or a B2C work environment. But you can’t just ignore them, no matter what. So, while attending an online meeting with your CEO, manager, or supervisor, make use of the headphones.

This will help you listen to your colleagues more clearly, which may otherwise not be possible. Headphones give you better sound quality, and you may use either wired or wireless ones. 

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