250 Hippie Names for your Boho Baby

Hippie Names: Plants and Trees

Nature-loving families can’t go wrong with these strong and simple botanical baby names.

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Tree & plant names for boys

Most of these plant names for boys are unusual enough that you won’t have to worry about your little one’s classmates all having the same name!

  • Alder // an alder tree’s wood is used to make electric guitars // English origin
  • Arlow or Arlo // evergreen barberry tree // an adaptable and hardy shrub // Spanish origin
  • Asher // one who lives by an ash tree // also means blessed and happy // Hebrew origin
  • Birch // a white slender tree that can bend to the ground without breaking // English origin
  • Calyx or Calix // a husk or pod // the funnel-shaped part of a flower // Greek and Latin origin
  • Cane or Kane // a stalk of sugar for your sweet babe // makes a great middle name // English origin
  • Carver // wood carver // cool when paired with another earthy name // English origin
  • Cedar // a beautiful tree known for its scented wood // Latin origin
  • Forrest // a land of trees and magnificent nature // English and Scottish origin
  • Greene // makes an excellent middle name when paired with a botanical first name // maybe your baby will grow up to be an environmentalist! // English origin
  • Hollis // of the holly tree // known for its lovely red berries // English origin
  • Huck // like the huckleberry fruit // the state fruit of Idaho // reminiscent of Huck Finn // English origin
  • Linden or Lyndon // a large deciduous tree with a sturdy trunk // English and German origin
  • Perry // dweller near a pear tree // usually a last name so it’s unique as a first or middle name // English origin
  • Reed or Reid // a tall grass // also means red-headed // English origin
  • Ripley // strip of clearing in the woods // a cute and spunky name // English origin
  • Rowan // a reddish brown tree // also means “little redhead” // Scottish and Irish origin
  • Sage // an herb with grayish-green leaves // also means wise // Latin origin
  • Silas // man of the forest // awesome when paired with another nature name // Latin origin
  • Timber // growing trees // wood suitable for building // English origin
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For a boldly botanical boy name, consider combining these. Think: Arlow Birch, Linden Greene, Rowan Sage, Lyndon Forrest, Silas Reed, Timber Hollis. Make sure you check out the other combinations of first and middle names at the end.

Many of these tree and plant names for boys are wonderful organic girl names too!

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Plant & tree names for girls

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Pick your hippie girl’s name right out of this garden of fresh choices.

  • Arden // great forest // “valley of the eagle” // Latin and English origin
  • Ash // like the tree // in the lilac and olive family // English origin
  • Ashby // ash tree farm // a less common variation of Ashley // English origin
  • Aspen // a quaking tree with heart-shaped leaves // also a place in Colorado // English origin
  • Ayla // oak tree // also means moonlight // Hebrew and Turkish origin
  • Clementine // a small citrus fruit that’s juicy and sweet // French origin
  • Dara // oak tree // also means pearl of wisdom // Hebrew origin
  • Eden // like the garden // means place of delight // Hebrew origin
  • Ginger // a snappy name for a sassy lady // also means pure // English origin
  • Hazel // a broad leaved-plant with edible nuts // hazelnuts make Nutella, yum! // English
  • Ilana // oak tree // its fruit is a nut, the acorn // means tree in Hebrew
  • Ivy // a climbing vine // an evergreen woody plant // English origin
  • Juniper or Junie // a small evergreen shrub // also means young // Latin origin
  • Meadow // a grassland that’s allowed to grow unchecked // perfect or a free spirit! // English origin
  • Nala // might mean a stem or hollow reed… true meaning unknown // African origin
  • Oakley // meadow of oak trees or oak clearing // English origin
  • Olive // grows on Mediterranean trees // the olive branch is a symbol of peace // Latin origin
  • Pepper // for a little girl with some spice // Latin origin
  • Samara // a winged seed that falls from a tree (we used to stick these on our noses as kids!) // Hebrew origin
  • Valli // a winding plant // sounds like Valley, which could be an alternate spelling // makes a great middle name // Latin origin
  • Zetta // olive // Z names are so awesome! // Hebrew origin
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Fruits and veggies actually make amazing hippie names! For a fresh take, consider these combinations: Pepper Oakley, Ginger Eden, Aspen Valli, Arden Ivy, Hazel Meadow, Olive June. I’ve included a bunch more middle name ideas at the end of this post!

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Continuing on with more earthy and organic names for your modern day little hipster…

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