7 Unavoidable Challenges You May Face While Riding a Bike on the Road


Biking is one of the world’s most celebrated sporting and physical activities. The young generation is crazy about it. However, a few unavoidable hurdles come with every lovable form of sports or commuting.

The same goes for riding a bike on the road. Whether you like it or not, there will be challenges to put your nerves at stake due to pesky gears, lousy weather, roadblocks, thefts, etc. 

But if you’re new to cycling, read our article about seven inevitable biking challenges to prepare yourself ahead of time. Read on. 


1. Rattling Wheels 

Do you check on your wheels regularly? If not, this could risk serious accidents when cycling on bumpy and unpredictable tracks. 

If you also look at the renowned brands and components, like the ones from Specialized Bikes and many others, you can get sturdy wheels for your bike too.   

Since cycling mostly comprises pedaling, the wheels, spokes, tires, rims, etc., are bound to get weaker with every ride. 

Hence, maintenance of these parts of your bike is mandatory. Ignoring this task may get your wheels rattled due to hitting bumps or potholes. 

The next problem you may face is balancing your position and pedaling comfortably. The worst thing you may encounter is your spokes getting off, the prospect of the wheels breaking down in the middle of nowhere down the track.


2. Weak Lights 

Standard and well-made lights make your way through the dusky and dreary weather and roads. Biking requires clear sight, and proper lights can ensure that to a great extent. 

If your bike isn’t equipped with proper front and back lights consisting of strong beams, the chances of hitting some fellow biker get higher. If a biker dash toward you without knowing you’re there due to weak or no light in your bike, it’s your fault. 

To avoid this undesired incident, buy good LED lights for your bike that can illuminate your way to safe and sound pedaling. 


3. Improper Helmet

Whether you’re on a motorbike or a bicycle, protecting your crown should be your top priority. Cycling tracks may have surprises— bumps, potholes, uneven ridges, slippery trails, rocky trails, etc. Imagine falling over any of these tracks and hitting right on your head. Having your head deeply cut or scarred should never be on the card, right? 

If you want to deal with this challenge, buy a standard bicycle helmet that goes a long way with your cycling needs in different seasons. You can get reputable brands that make helmets suitable for summer, winter, and fall. 

Most of these helmets have a ventilation system to ensure constant aeration during hot weather. The same helmet can be used in winter if you use a cycling cap under it to ward off the chills. 


4. Vandalism 

You can’t keep their hands off your favorite bike for long. Thieves and muggers will keep their eyes on your bicycle, only to find the right moment to snatch it away when you’re not looking. That’s why protecting your bike is one of the most arduous challenges a biker can face while riding on the road. 

Make sure you lock your bike appropriately if you’re leaving it outside a shop, pub, or toilet. Otherwise, chances are that you will not see your wheels again, no matter how far you look around. 

Use a D-lock to secure your wheel and frame. Maintain this safety even when leaving your bike outside your home or under the shade. Furthermore, you may try getting a phone spy app or bike tracker to track down your bike once it’s missing. 

Remember, bike thieves often sneak into houses since that’s where people keep their bikes primarily unprotected. Moreover, try to ride in groups, especially if you’re planning to go on unknown tracks. 


5. Lower Back Pain 

Like any other sports activity, bikes can give you some physical hassles. Due to diverse and long-term pedaling, most bikers face lower back pain. This puts their cycling enthusiasm at stake, and you have to know how to deal with it. 

Remember, you don’t have to be a pro to get back pain by cycling. If your bike size, material, and setup aren’t appropriate, you’ll develop back pain along with muscle cramps and knee cracks at a very early stage. 

Buy a bike that has a flat handlebar and saddle. Your handlebar can’t be too low or too high than your saddle, or else, it will put your lower back muscle under stress. And pedaling like this for a long period may one day put you off the saddle due to contracted back or cramped shoulders. 

Hence, choose your bike wisely and see to it that your handlebar, saddle, body frame, etc., are in the right places. 


6. Bad Brakes 

Brakes can be good, and brakes can be bad. And when they’re bad, it can determine whether you will ever ride a bike. If your bike’s front and rear brakes aren’t in order, many things may take place; collision with another biker, car, or a pedestrian. 

If you’re unlucky, you may even slip off a cliff and have a deep fall to hit the ground badly. 

Hence, make sure your brake system is working properly every time you go out on your two-wheeler. Get them serviced occasionally to secure safe bike journeys and adventures. 


7. Sore Bottom 

Saddles can be a great dictator in ensuring your comfort while riding a bike. If your saddle is hard and you have to sit on it for long tracks, you’re most likely getting sensations and spasms in your hips and bottom muscles. After all, you’re not supposed to sit for a long time and even on a rigid material that’s not so forgiving. 

Use a leather and padded saddle on your bike to ride comfortably without much stress. It will take you some time to adjust to a new saddle. However, patience will be worth it. Also, buy good padded shorts for cycling that will give you a better cycling experience. 

Key Takeaways

Facing challenges while riding a bike on the road is something you can’t avoid at any cost. Hence, it’s wise to prepare with the right information and proper gear. 

If you want to make biking a regular sport and adventurous activity, you better follow the tips we’ve shared above. Even if you’re using a cycle for your daily commute to your workplace or school, you must ensure your safety first. Hope this article helps you with the necessary information and guidance for that. 

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