7 Reasons To Read Attack On Titan Manga


When it first came out, the Attack on Titan manga series, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin, was a resounding hit. Attack On Titan was the manga series that gave the Western comic market a much-needed boost and got even non-manga fans excited to speak about it. The way Attack on Titan avoids many shonen clichés makes it unquestionably among the best series ever made. It’s a delight to see how Eren, Mikasa, and Armin’s personalities evolve as time passes as they cope with terrible tragedies and overwhelming circumstances. The first half of the season of the anime series has already blown everyone’s hearts, but reading the manga series is better with the detailed storyline and uncut scenes for every chapter. Mangaowl is the best website to read manga series, with fewer ad interruptions and no fees. Here are seven reasons to start reading attack on titan manga now!

  • The Spin-Offs Of Manga Include Additional Information

The setting of Attack on Titan is incredibly excellent, and the rich mythology gives the story much more character. There is a spin-off comic series of what occurred inside the barriers before the main series started. The life behind the walls was thrilling. The author created a spin-off to answer some questions readers had. Fans of the series should read Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, which is fascinating and a must-read. This spin-off makes the best of the intriguing notion of a Titan childbirth to a despised kid while providing some much-needed context to the series’ history. Many viewers may believe the occurrences in this spin-off are unimportant in the overall context of things considering how Season 4 dramatically revolutionized the Attack on Titan scenario. Even yet, this spin-storytelling off’s is still excellent and well worth the attention of any reader who doesn’t mind reading a story with a stronger emphasis.

  • The Manga Offers The Complete Story

The manga and animation adaptations of Attack on Titan don’t differ from one another, especially in season 4. Throughout time, the anime adaptation has had to exclude a few pages. Even if this isn’t a concern, Attack on Titan’s season 3 part 1 is a little of a surprise since, due to its brief length, it significantly compresses the events. Although that anime season is still quite okay, reading the manga is the sole method to appreciate it. It relates to the inventor of ODM gear’s argument that the manga is the most authentic representation of Attack on Titan.

  • It Has A Concise Flashback Of Historia’s History.

Christa Lenz gave off the impression of being a routinely mild person who was only there to fill a vacancy in the Survey Corps. Fans don’t see how vital she is to the storyline until her characterization develops. One of the centerpieces of a series that examined the turmoil inside the boundaries was her unveiling as Historia Reiss and the immersive consequences that followed. Unfortunately, the chronology and duration of several recollections that detail Historia’s background are altered in the animation. It’s disappointing since Frieda has a significant part in these scenes and deserves to shine. Therefore, those interested in reading Historia’s history in its original, unedited, should read the comics.

  • The Main Characters’ Identities Are Far More Comprehensive

Critics believe that to make the personalities of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin more comprehensible, the anime changed them. Mikasa has an attachment with Eren, Eren always intends to kill titans, and Armin occasionally acts unusually submissively. It is not the situation in the animation, as Eren is much more mature, Mikasa engages with other individuals rather than fixating on Eren, and Armin doesn’t always allow himself to get ignored. Compared to the roles they play in the series, these personalities in the manga seem more like decent people.

  • There Is Hardly Any Restriction.

Among the most violent anime series out there is, without a doubt, Attack on Titan. Therefore, it may be a surprise to many viewers to realize that the anime’s graphic violence is not even close to the level of cruelty seen in the manga. Readers who wish to understand this narrative in the most intense possible manner should think about reading the comic series. The former doesn’t hold back when depicting graphic situations that are rather hard to see. Manga allows readers to see detailed fight scenes, and even the tiniest details are shown.

  • Armin Has More Moment To Shine Due To The Comic

Among the anime’s most regrettable alterations are that several of the sequences that include Armin are either deleted or have another character substitute for him. While Armin has opportunities to stand out in the anime, it’s impossible not to believe that he’s still not valued in this medium. It is not the situation in the comic series, where Armin freely offers assistance to others. When the Survey Corps learns that Eren possesses the abilities of the Attack Titan in the first season, it’s a brilliant illustration of this. Mikasa removes him from the titan’s flesh in the animation, while Armin does it in the manga.

  • The ODM Gear’s Designer Is Recognized.

The ODM gear in the anime series is a brand-new creation, while the manga tells a different story. As evidenced by the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall spin-off light novels, which were turned into comics. The equipment was created much earlier by Xenophon Harkimo and Angel Aaltonen. It existed for 30 years before the main storyline of Attack on Titan, a fact rarely discussed in anime series. The fact that there hasn’t been an anime version of Before the Fall often works to the manga series’ advantage.


Attack on Titan is putting out a strong argument for why it should be considered the best anime ever produced. The show is jam-packed with great moments delicately developed and has spectacular paybacks. Of course, those who get swept up in the excitement surrounding anime should also start giving the manga a try to see Isayama’s genius in its purest form. You can read Attack On Titan without fees on Mangakakalot. A famous alternative to Mangaowl and other manga reading platforms!

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