Baby Boy 6 month pictures

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He’s actually already 7 months old (CRAZY) but it’s been so busy around here I’m FINALLY getting his 6 month picturesUp! I have to say I have a pretty handsome little man… He looks like such a great mix of my other kids. Computers are everywhere. BoyHe looks a lot like me and my dad, but also some of the other three. Could those suspenders be more adorable?

I made a few of these hats to help my sisters with their photography business. But I was behind. Baby BoyThis cute crochet aviator hat was actually purchased from Maybe Matilda at Queen Bee Market at SNAP on the weekend of his birthday 6 monthBirthday! Man, he’s got a big head. 6 month size BARELY fit… But I love the blue color.

Oh my God! I love nakedness on babies… so so SO cute. He kept trying to stand and show off his “man-hood” so we had to add a toy to keep his attention!!! He is so sweet! He enjoys taking showers with us and cuddling up. He has got to be the happiest baby on the planet, even when he’s upset he’s full of smiles!


He loves eating things, rocks, plastic, toys, etc… EVERYTHING but food… he loves Ice Cream but refuses all baby food AND he refuses paci’s so I tend to nurse A LOT. He’s obviously not suffering- sweet fat little thing- he’s already wearing size 9-12 monthclothing. And honestly I don’t mind being the only thing that can comfort him when he’s upset, but it would be nice if he’d take a paci…

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He’s has so many fun expressions, so many different smiles, and so much joy. He brings joy and happiness to our family. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my only problems with this stage (0-2 1/2 years old) is how stink’in fast it all goes. I an cherishing every cuddle, look, drool, cry, nuzzle, bite, etc…

He sat at 4 months and started “crawling” a week before he turned 6These were months old at the time they were taken. picturesOne week after his second birthday, he was still crawling. He now follows me around my house and loves the freedom. He never stays still and we’re constantly reminded of a new level of cleanliness for the floors. I’ve found some pretty interesting things in his diapers recently!

He loves to give me kisses and I love to receive them. Snot is often a part of his daily routine! He’s been congested since birth, but he doesn’t let that stop him from being precious! He somehow makes snot look beautiful! A big thank you to Chelsea Peterson Photography for taking the pictures. pictures(

He’s discovered his toes and loves to pull and chew on them! He no longer stays laying on his back for diaper changes, but he’s constantly rolling over, so it’s got to be quick once start. Thankfully he hasn’t started putting his hands down there during diaper changes yet… YET…

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He has beautiful eyes that make people smile. And he’s discovered his reflection, he loves flirting with other babies, esp himself in the mirror. He’s also discovered that things don’t dissapear when he can’t see them. He is now looking! Sometimes it’s a toy under a blanket or me in a room around the corner!!

You can’t deny this smile! Me either, he’s spoiled rotten in all the best ways, lots of love and cuddling, from me, dad, siblings, grandparents, and aunts. We’re so blessed to have so many family member close by so he (and the other kids) can be so loved and appreciated!

It’s a funny face, but I love it, his sweet little pursed lips and his crossed arms! He’s learning to wave and clap right now, we’re pretty far from mastering it, but the attempts are pretty fun! He’s also babbling, his ma-ma-ma-ma-ma warms my heart to no end! Da-da’da-da da is also pretty darn cute!

My happiest six (or seven) months yet. I feel so blessed. I not only have the best job, being a mom, but also have an amazing life. My husband and I love each other, we have wonderful children, a job, a home, and friends. Is it possible to get better? I doubt it.

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