6 Best Firestick Apps to Enhance Your Entertainment Experience in 2022


Streaming has apparently taken over the traditional cable TV subscriptions and there’s a huge competition among the streaming platforms as well as streaming devices. There are a lot of big market players in the streaming media devices industry and among these smart devices is Amazon’s famous Firestick. It is definitely one of the best, most popular, and most reliable streaming devices in the world.

Amazon Firestick is known for its user-friendly interface, convenience, built-in Alexa, variety of apps, and Bluetooth connectivity. Firestick is compatible with a slew of apps related to various categories, such as films and TV shows streaming, news, weather, VPNs, music streaming, utility, and a lot of others.

However, in this post, we will explore just 6 Firestick apps that will make your watching experience ideal and fun to use in 2022.

06 Best Apps for Amazon Firestick in 2022:

Let’s go through our list of the 6 best smart apps that you can easily install on your Amazon Firestick to have the best and most enjoyable watching experience right from your couch at home.


There is a reason why Netflix is on the top of our apps list that you should have on your Firestick. Netflix is a popular streaming giant and has one of the largest collections of TV shows, series, and movies in all the genre categories that one can watch from anywhere and anytime.

If you have recently started using Firestick and have not yet experienced any streaming app on it, you must download and watch Netflix on Firestick to enjoy your favorite content. 

The user interface function of Netflix matches with the Firestick remote very well. You can get access to all the corners of Netflix right from Firestick’s remote. 

Not so long ago, Alexa Voice Search also became compatible and introduced a new feature regarding Netflix where you ask Alexa to play a specific TV show or a movie. Previously this feature of voice search was available only for Prime Video. If you don’t have Netflix yet on Firestick, you should try it.


Cord Cutting options are literally killing the traditional cable TV subscriptions, and Hulu is one of those apps that conveniently brings all your famous TV channels and networks to your digital screens. Streaming platforms with Live TV services are more user-friendly and cost-effective, and also let you watch your favorite TV stations on the go.

Hulu’s streaming service itself is known for its impressive content catalog and offers several super-hit shows, blockbuster films, and amazing documentaries. It allows you to stream high-quality content without having to rely on your cable TV providers.

In addition, it offers Hulu+Live TV service and brings more than 60 TV channels under one roof. It also allows you to record 50 hours of Live TV content using its cloud-based DVR system. Looking for one solution for streaming and Live TV? Hulu on Firestick can be an ideal home entertainment package.

Cyberflix TV: 

Even though Netflix is a wonderful app that has a huge collection of content in the library, it surely comes with a high price. Many people like students can not afford to pay for the Netflix lifestyle and that is totally fine. You can download Cyberflix TV and watch TV shows and movies from their large content library on firestick. 

Cyberflix TV is absolutely free, whereas for the Netflix subscription you have to pay. You can get the Cyberflix TV app from their website. You can even install it on several devices like your android smartphone, Android TV box, tablet, Windows PC, and Smart TV. 

Once you have the app installed, you have a huge collection of TV shows and movies unlocked, and you can watch it all without having to pay any subscription fee.


If you are a streaming buff you might have already heard about Plex. Plex is a global media streaming service and also a client-server media player service, created by Plex, Inc. If you are wondering, using Plex on your Amazon Firestick can do magic. You can set up Plex as a local server on your device. It is also compatible with several other streaming devices, such as Roku, Apple TV, Android TVs, and Google Chromecast to name a few.

With the help of Plex’s server platform, you can stream the films, TV series, or any other video content locally stored through your Firestick app. This app actually allocates the hard drive of your computer as a local server that you can easily access from anywhere on any device.

In addition to that, Plex also owns a dedicated Premium Service that provides music, video content, and Live TV through streaming. It is undoubtedly a must-have smart application for Amazon Firestick devices.


Twitch is a massively popular app among gamers. It is an online video streaming service for gamers where you can access and watch thousands of online game plays streaming on any compatible device, including Smart TVs. Moreover, you can also watch an online live esports tournament on your Amazon Firestick devices.

You can download Twitch from the Amazon App store without any cost. In addition to gaming-focused content, this app also offers other live streaming events targeted at general audiences, such as live music events, talks shows, etc.


Smart devices nowadays are equipped with Screen Mirroring features and that’s a handy utility tokei. Amazon Firestick also offers screen mirroring but its built-in app isn’t up to the mark. Often you might experience problems casting your digital screens on your Smart TVs and that will leave you annoyed.

To help you with this issue, AirScreen comes up as a great alternative to mirror your screens on Firestick. This app works well with a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, MacBooks, iPhones, Windows, Laptops, and several other devices with a Screen Mirroring feature. This app is definitely worth mentioning on our list of the best apps for Firestick.

Final Words

So, we have gone through some of the best apps for your Amazon Firestick device that can literally enhance your watching experience. The apps we have mentioned offer a wide array of content, including films, documentaries, and TV shows. Also, the VPN is a great utility app for your Firestick device to help you access any online content.

If you have any other apps in mind that you have tried personally, let us know in the comments below.

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