5 Reasons Why Mobile Gaming is So Popular and Why it’s Still Growing

Gaming is So Popular

Technology has changed drastically over recent years. The influences of technology are evident. In the past, our attention was a free commodity. Today, people’s attention has made cooperation billions; think of Instagram, valued at 100 billion dollars, or TikTok, valued at between 50 and 75 billion dollars. With this advancement in technology, mobile games have been increasingly improved. Here are five reasons mobile gaming is so popular and will continue to grow.  

Today, we have two prominent console families, Xbox and PlayStation, whose most recent additions can provide immersive gaming experiences with enhanced graphics and cutting-edge peripherals. The issue is that these sophisticated gaming consoles are not affordable to everyone. Furthermore, only a small number of individuals have adequate computers to play the latest games with friends and family. However, two-thirds of the population, or around 5 billion individuals, have mobile connections, which speaks to the magnitude and reach of the mobile sector and helps explain why there are so many mobile gamers throughout the world.  

It is more convenient to play games on a mobile phone that you already own rather than investing money on a device devoted to gaming (consoles) which is expensive. So, while dedicated gamers who don’t mind paying tens of thousands to construct the ideal gaming PC aren’t going away, the reality is that smartphones provide a cheap road to gaming, which is why the popularity of mobile gaming will rise in the coming years.  

In the past, all games were super expensive to get into. But thanks to developments in mobile games, combined with the value of our attention, game developers can now use things such as in-game ads to pay for the game. This makes the barrier of entry significantly lower for novice gamers, especially in places that could never afford the high price ticket found on AAA games. Naturally, there will still be mobile games that cost money and don’t have ads. Still, the new trend for game developers is to include in-app purchases known as microtransactions so that people can buy items inside the game to elevate their gaming experience.   

The Convenience   

Your mobile phone is always with you. This is a luxury that devices such as Xbox and PlayStation can’t rival. Not even portable devices such as the PSP or Nintendo switch is permanently by your side. This has less to do with the experience mobile gaming has and more to do with smartphones.   

Smartphones replace almost everything from the calculator to the camera, the GPS to the torch. Two-Thirds of the population (around 5 billion people) carry this device with them regardless of the gaming experience they could have. That’s something other dedicated gaming devices could never compete with.   

If a good game is released to the store, it doesn’t hurt the user to install the free game and try it out while they wait for the bus or at the dentist’s office. The convenience is incomparable. You don’t have to carve out time to play mobile games; you play instead of awkwardly waiting.  

Recent events have demonstrated that even the most introverted individuals require some form of community. Playing video games alone for two hours a day is probably not feasible in many people’s lives. On the other hand, games are now allowing people to play together. If you miss a friend who has moved to the other side of the world, you can still keep in touch with them by inviting them to join the lobby of your game. This, combined with platforms like Discord, has transformed the gaming experience into much more of a social gathering than mindless entertainment.  

Phones Have Gotten Better.  

As mobile devices have improved, developers create more diverse games for players to choose from. There is now a game for whatever type of player you might be. When game developers realized that people were willing to pay to play mobile games if the games were good enough, with items such as microtransactions, they decided to invest more money in that market. People can now play simple mobile games and feel like they are playing on a console. When it comes to video games, one of the most important aspects is the graphics. As a result, it should be no surprise that people are becoming more interested in mobile games than ever before. People enjoy seeing realistic features, and they can now do so while playing mobile games. As the technology improves and our devices can handle more powerful visuals, the game developers are sure to exploit this technology and give the players increasingly better gaming experiences. 

Mobile gaming has skyrocketed in popularity and will likely continue doing so thanks to basic supply and demand. The demand, i.e., the number of users playing these games, is increasing drastically, therefore the number of large companies investing in the platform will increase as well. This is already seen with Blizzard releasing its new game Diablo Immortal to mobile devices exclusively.   

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