5 Factors Why iPhone Is safe To Access Dark Web in New Zealand

Dark Web

The dark web is renowned as a place where criminal behavior thrives. However, irrespective of its dark and mysterious nature, the dark web does have some useful websites and information that some people might need to access. The deep web, a subsidiary of the dark web, consists of all websites that are not indexed by search engines.

You can only browse them if you have the correct URL or login information. How to access dark web safely in NZ is a common, frequently asked question among curious internet people. This post will show you how to use the dark net safely on your iPhone.

Caution: A VPN like NordVPN is highly advised to protect your IP and other private details while exploring the deep and dark web. It is an additional security step to protect yourself when you surf the unfamiliar territory of the virtually unregulated portion of the internet.

What is the Deep Web/Dark Web?

The “deep web” refers to portions of the internet that are inaccessible through standard search engines. For example, certain content on the traditional web is not accessible through paywalls, search engine spiders, and bots. The deep web is just the portion of the internet that isn’t crawlable by search engines.

Most people utilize some aspect of the deep web daily without knowing it. However, as the deep web includes an enormous amount of data, it isn’t easy to estimate its depth or share of the internet.

On the other hand, the dark web is even beneath the deep web when you think of it as an iceberg. The dark web consists of highly encrypted websites and contents that most people never even come in contact with. 

How to Use an iPhone to Browse the Dark Web in NZ in 2022?

Dark Web1

You have to follow 5 steps to visit the dark web on an iPhone, which is just as simple as opening a Windows device.

  • Always use a trustworthy VPN, such as NordVPN

Having a reliable VPN provider is crucial. In our opinion, NordVPN has proven to be the best option for securing your info before accessing the deep web.

We strongly recommend using a VPN since it offers an extra cushion of security and anonymity to anyone using an iPhone to visit the dark web. In addition, you can conceal your actual location and IP address with a VPN.

With NordVPN’s Threat Detection feature, you can keep your identity and phone secure using an overall cybersecurity system. To help you avoid certain websites next time, it tracks where all banned risks came from the last time you surfed.

  • Download Onion Browser (TOR Browser)

Regular search engines cannot access the dark web, whether you use a Mac or a PC. Although we’ve already mentioned it, it’s worth repeating. It indicates that shady web websites do not have domains that finish in .com or .net. Instead, they have “.onion” extensions, and a specific browser is required to browse them. To effectively visit the dark web on an iPhone, adhere to the directions below:

  • Look for Onion Browser on your iPhone’s app store.
  • Once you find it, crosscheck the logo to make sure you download a legitimate app
  • Launch the app, select a commonplace on the map, and then select Quick Connect.
  • Run the Onion Browser application, select connect to Tor, and then choose the degree of security. In our opinion, the best level for accessing the deep web on iOS is the significant degree.
  • Make sure to use the best browser to access the Dark Web: Tor

If you want to visit the dark web from your iPhone, you’ll first need to learn about Tor. Consumers could browse the deep or dark web using the onion browser for the first time via TOR or The Onion Router. Apple users can also access the dark web with their iPhones, even though it can be overwhelming at first to navigate your way through a new browser.

  • Observe safety protocols

Using a VPN alone won’t make you secure on the Dark Webs. You must take into account every application that is active on your iPhone right now. As you surf through the deep web, it’s wise to disable any programs that aren’t necessary. You should also disable location services. After that, you have to run a reliable antivirus program in addition to everything else as an added layer of security on iOS.

  • Explore the Dark end of the web

With Tor installed, you may use your iPhone to browse the deep or dark webs securely. Darknet URLs, referred to as “Tor Hidden Services,” can be distinguished from ordinary website URLs.

Onion websites do not appear in Google search results; finding them is the first issue. Searching for “silk road” in Google won’t automatically bring up a dark website. Search engines like Torch Candle, Ahmia, and NotEvil have indexes of the Darknet’s hidden sites.

Can iPhone Users Access the Dark Web Safely?

Dark Web2

Yes, using a VPN service or installing an onion browser on your iPhone will allow you to access the dark webs safely. When you know the exact IP address of a dark website, you shouldn’t use a direct browser to access it. This security measure allows you to confidently navigate an almost entirely unregulated part of the internet. 

Dark Web: Conclusion

Many options are available while using an iPhone to connect to Dark Webs in New Zealand. If you keep the safety aspect your priority, nothing stops you from exploring a mostly unknown end of the internet.

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