60 Cute And Sweet 4th Birthday Wishes

Although the growth of a child can be described as a miracle, it is often overlooked because it is a part of daily life. However, the blessing is something to be admired when seen. It is beautiful to see a child’s growth in size, age, and body. Parents of young children are eager to share their joy with others. Many parents host birthday parties for their children on their special day. Many wishes, blessings, or prayers can be offered at the party.

People prefer to bless the Child in writing, rather than verbally. The child can save the paper and use it later. Parents and children are encouraged to send their wishes to the Child to express their gratitude. These wishes should be warm and touching, and should include prayers for your child. This site has many wishes for children turning 4 years old. The messages are cute and sweet for the little ones to understand what’s written.

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4th Birthday Wishes

Cute And Sweet 4th Birthday Wishes2016

1:) You’re growing up so fast! My, does time fly when we’re having so much fun! Happy 4thHappy birthday

2: Happy BirthdayFor the coolest pre-school boy of 4 years old. I wish you all the best in your 5th year here on Earth!

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3: ) Make four wishes because you’re 4 years old today. Happy 4thHappy birthday

4: You are four years old today. What does that mean? You are four times as small as a little girl! Happy 4thBirthday!

5: ) Today is your special day. Every second of today is yours. After all, it’s your birthday, so let’s hear you roar, I’m 4, I’m 4 and I’m 3 no more! Happy 4thHappy birthday

6: ) Today’s your day. It’s all about you. You can do so many amazing things! Happy birthday!

7: ) If your birthday’s super cool and a special time for you, then every wish that’s in this card has come completely true! Have lots of fun with your birthday

8: ) Congratulations, 4 year old princess! You can celebrate your special birthday today by being a great queen. All the best to you and your friends.

9: ) There’s no better way to celebrate someone who is 4 years old! Happy 4thHappy birthday

10: ) Our little princess turned 4! You seem to be in a rush to get old. You are still cute enough that I can carry you around on my back and run like crazy. You are my best friend and I will always treasure the time we spend together doing crazy things. All of your wishes are my wish. You are my baby girl. You have the most wonderful birthday!

11: – Enjoy your presents, your cake, and enjoy the joy today will bring! Happy birthday

12: ) That’s because you’re a BIG boy of 4. Happy 4thBirthday!

13: ) Despite the sweet decorations and sweet treats, you are still the most adorable and sweetest thing I have ever seen. I wish you a life filled with love and joy. I wish that you are a handsome young man. Because you are so charming, even as a youngster, I am sure you will break hearts one day. Happy Birthday, my sweetest nephew. You brought life to our lives with your vibrant colors. We love you so much!

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14: ) It’s your fourth birthday and I have to say that I’m so fond of you in so many ways. Happy 4thHappy birthday

15: (More) BirthdayWishes for a 4-year-old

16: ) What makes you unique today? Your birthday — you are now four. Happy 4thHappy birthday

17: – May your birthday cake be covered with icing, and decorated with four candles. It’s the best way to celebrate someone who’s 4-years-old! Happy BirthdayIt’s possible!

18: – Light the candles and cut the cake. This is an extremely special date. A precious little girl will soon turn four. Here are some birthday wishes for someone you adore. Happy 4thHappy birthday

19: ) Birthdays should be filled with many funny hats. Wishing you the most memorable birthday a 4-year old can have! Happy BirthdayIt’s possible!

20: ). Have the best 4thHappy birthday

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21: ) I heard you are always bringing home A’s and stars from school. Even at your young age, you are such an achiever. Every single thing you do makes us proud. Can’t wait to snuggle you later! Happy birthday, our little achiever. Remember to dream big! Dreams can be achieved in any direction, keep going. You are loved!

22: ) Wishing that your birthday cake will be four times larger than the largest cake in the world. That’s the only way to celebrate the birthday of my favorite 4 year old in the world. Happy 4thBirthday!

23: ) Does it seem strange that I sort of remember my name? 4thWhat is your birthday party? It was fantastic! It was a room filled full of balloons and a room full with my family, as well as my kiddie friends. I hope that your birthday party will be as memorable as mine as a child. I hope that you receive many gifts today. Happy birthday, kiddo!

24: ) This year, I hope your birthday is the very best birthday that a 4 year old <boy, girl> can have! Happy 4thBirthday!

25: ) Your adorable cuteness and charm can be rivaled by no cake, sweets, or cuddly toys. I could squeeze you every day! I hope that you’ll be as cute forever. I also hope that you have a happy and healthy life. You have the potential to make a difference in the world. Be a blessing to all who surround you. Happy Birthday

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26: ) I wish all of your birthday wishes come true. That’s my birthday wish for you, my precious 4 year old!

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27: ) You may have aged another year older but since you are a kid, it’s a good thing! Wait until you are in your 30’s and you will not want to age another year. I’m kidding! Enjoy life, kid. There’s a lot of things in store for you in this world. You’ll be a great person one day.

28: I wish your birthday was as memorable as it is! All the best for your life! Keep dreaming, keep the energy, and keep being curious because that’s what will take you to so many places. I want you to become an explorer and kind person as you grow up. Every day is precious, and I wish you the best. Happy birthday, kid! Have fun

4th Birthday Wishes

29: ) Let’s sing and dance because it is your birthday! Your birthday is more than just a day. 4thHappy birthday! What does that mean? Soon, you will be heading to school and meeting new friends, playing with them, learning new things, having lots of fun. Happy 4thHappy birthday, my favorite cousin.

30: ) Hope that you don’t let your gifts drown today, and get the best Birthday present ever! Happy 4thYou are a sweetheart on your birthday

31: ) Hip, hop, hip, hooray! We are four cheers for your success! Four cheers for you! 4thHappy birthday

32: ) Your fourth birthday will be filled with friends, fun, and gifts this year! Happy 4thHappy birthday

33:?? One, two and three are my birthday wishes. Now, I want to wish you lots of fun. To a little one who’s just so grand, happy 4th birthday, little man!

34: ). May your fourth birthday be as happy and cute as ever! Happy 4thHappy birthday

35: – Get out the band. It’s time to sing and dance. Happy birthday, little four year old, I’m your biggest fan!

36: You deserve four big hugs, four big kisses, and four BIG wishes on your fourth birthday.

37: ) Your fourth birthday this year will be filled with friends, fun, and gifts Happy 4thHappy birthday

38: ) That’s because you’re a BIG boy of 4. Happy 4thBirthday!

39: ) Happy Birthday to my favorite niece! I can’t make it to the party today but I will be waiting for pictures on Facebook. Your parents are great party organizers, so I’m sure you’ll have a great time. I sent you a birthday gift, which I hope you love. Love you, cutie!

40: Happy Birthday! Happy 4thBirthday!

41: ) Now that you’re FOUR — you’re Terrific, Handsome, Rambunctious, Extraordinary, Energetic. Happy 4thBirthday!

42: ). BirthdayToday, I want you to feel a lot of love and hugs. We wish you a happy and healthy holiday. BirthdayA super year ahead

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43: ) Especially for a 4-year-old that’s sweet as sweet can be. Here’s a Happy BirthdayDog that loves being hugged and held! Happy BirthdayIt’s possible!

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44: You are a big birthday boy!

45: ) In a matter of days, you’ll be super old. Think you’re ready for that??? Happy BirthdayThe 4-year-old boy!

46: ) At four years old, you’re so fine. Happy 4thHave a great birthday!

47:) Happy 4th BirthdayYou will be a brilliant little girl. Don’t forget us when you make your 1st million! We wish you a very nice birthday.

48: ) Your birthday cake should be smothered with icing, and 4 of your brightest candles to light it.

49: It is cool to be four! No! It’s super, super, super cool! Happy 4thHappy birthday

50: Have fun and be kind, and everything will be just as good as gold! Happy! 4thBirthday!

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51: ) I used to hate kids because, honestly, they are annoying… but not you. Your laughter makes my heart swell with joy. You must have put a spell over me, because you are my favorite little girl. I hope you have a great time at your birthday party! You may be blessed more by the Lord.

52: ) You’re nothing like a cat, Oh, special 4-year-old. You’re just like you and that’s what make you the best 4-year-old we all know! Happy BirthdayIt’s possible!

4th Birthday Wishes

53: ) You are the most annoying four-year-old I know. This is why I love you. It is possible that you won’t get what I am trying to say. It is a little strange that I am sending you this birthday card. But, I thought it might make sense. Happy 4th birthday, little dude!

54: ) Although you may get older each year, I hope that your spirit stays young and vibrant. Happy BirthdayIt’s possible!

55: 5) Have a super-duper 4thHappy birthday

56:) Happy 4th BirthdayYou are so kind! I hope that you are able to light all 4 candles simultaneously!

57: ) Have a great birthday! Happy 4th BirthdayIt’s possible!

58: (I heard a lot about your kindergarten crush who is already the campus crush! We all know from whom you get your charm. Kidding! I can’t blame the girls, you really are cute. Happy birthday to the most adorable kid in the entire world!

59 Sweet little Princess… 4 Today,have a Magical BirthdayIt’s possible!

60: ) You’re 4 and 4 is fun. Let’s celebrate with ice cream and cake. Let’s have a party that everyone will adore because you’ve reached amazing number 4!

61: ) Congratulations 4thBirthday. I wish you nice presents, a great party and lots of fun with your friends.

62: ) Warm hugs and kisses from the bear family! Although you may be small, you possess a huge heart and brain. I know you’ll be successful one day. Take life lightly and enjoy being a child. Happy birthday, little dude! We miss you!

63: I wish your third birthday this year is four times as special as your first three. Happy 4thHappy birthday

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