Funny 40th Birthday Quotes to Laugh Away the Pain

Inside: Funny 40th Birthday Quotes to Laugh Away the Pain.

It is an incredible moment to be 40. It’s theMany of us actually feel old for the first time. It’s like certain aches and pains suddenly start appearing in unusual places.

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Your kids laugh at your age because you always make a deep sigh whenever you stand up. You still have it. You could pull off an all-nighter if you needed (ignoring the fact that it will take you three days). toIf necessary, you can still make it. You can still make the trip to theIf you’re feeling energetic, gym to). There are still many things to do. toLive, but theReality has set in that we are getting older.

Funny 40th Birthday quotes

That’s why it’s so fun toEnjoy turning 40. It’s truly theFirst chance we get toHave fun with our elderly loved ones.Take a good look at our loved ones who are old. 😉

These Funny 40th BirthdayQuotes will make it easy to share your birthday wishes with loved ones in a humorous, but not too serious way.

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Funny 40th Birthday Quotes to Laugh Away the Pain

1. They claim that 40 is the right age theNew 30. Tell that toMy knees.

2. Let’s drink some Red, Red Wine. Cause UB40 now.

3. 3. toInform you, your 30s are expired.

40th birthday quotes funny 40th party

4. 4. theBe with 40s

5. You’re 40! Halfway between Depends & Diapers.

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6. Congratulations on turning twenty theSecond time.

7. It’s amazing that 40 looks so good!

Funny 40th Birthday quotes

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8. Let’s grab a cold one for theThe old one!

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9. You can now have twice the fun of a 20-year old. You’ll have more back pain.

10. Forty-Five and Foxy!

Funny 40th Birthday quotes

Turning 40 birthday quotes and images

11. You’re 40. Which means that in dog years, you’re dead.

12. 1979 was the year that the greatest men were born.

13. Cheers to40 years!

Funny 40th Birthday Quotes – Holy Shit, you’re old now

14. Holy Shit, you’re old now.

15. Happy 40th BirthdayIt’s possible!

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16. 40 isn’t that old if you’re a tree…

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17. Sorry, I’ll speak louder. HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY!

18. Here’s to29 years old, with 11 years experience.

19. 40 is the equivalent of being stupid. theInternet.

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20. 40.

40th birthday quotes Birthday Images

21. 41. the hardest.

22. At least you’re not as old as you will be next year.

23. Dang girl, you are 40 AF!

40 AF Funny 40th birthday quotes and party ideas

24. When a woman turns 40, a cougar can be born.

25. Recent update toVersion 40.0

40 and FUN! 40th birthday party quotes

In your 40s you don’t have toDrink toFeel hungry

26. In your 40s you don’t have toDrink toFeel hungover.

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27. Age is like wearing underwear; it creeps up on us.

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28. 28. toDrink champagne and dance theTable

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29. You are the reason I turned 40.

30. Now that you’re 40 you get toColoscopies can be enjoyed immediately.

31. Cheers toBeing 40 is a great time to have fun

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