4 Tech Tools to Keep You Safe in 2023

Did you know that a new cyber attack occurs every 39 seconds around the world? While the majority of these are targeted at businesses and organizations, there are still many individual incidents which put innocent internet users like yourself at risk. With that in mind, it’s imperative you take adequate precautions to stay safe online.

Fortunately, help is at hand. As cyber criminals have become more sophisticated and inventive with their hacking attempts, so too have software companies developed new tools and techniques to counteract their efforts. Here are our top tech tools to beef up your online defenses as much as possible over the coming 12 months.


A virtual private network (VPN) masks the location of your IP address and encrypts all information sent across it. This means that cyber criminals cannot access your sensitive data easily and also opens up a whole host of other benefits, such as avoiding internet throttling, reaching geoblocked content and enhancing privacy. Be aware, however, that certain unscrupulous providers of free VPNs may harvest your data themselves, so always check the privacy policy before signing up.

Data removal services

Every website, app, platform or service provider you visit is likely to monitor your online activity. Data brokers compile complex profiles on people in order to sell this information for a profit. It is safe to say, they probably have a plethora of information about you already. There are steps to take to decrease the amount of your info readily available online. For example, you can ask Google to remove your PII from Google search. Moreover, if you want to take it the extra mile, you can opt out from data brokers or enlist the help of a data removal service provider to do a more comprehensive job for you.


Combing the internet and trawling through communications for your sensitive information is only one way that hackers can compromise your online safety. Other favored techniques include tricking you into installing malware onto your device, then extorting a ransom for its removal. This is usually achieved through phishing emails or fake websites and can be challenging to protect against. A robust anti-virus program, however, should provide a strong line of defense against such types of attacks.

Password manager

Having an unguessable password is an ideal way of keeping any online account secure and ideally, you won’t repeat the same cypher on multiple sites. Indeed, a recent survey found that the average person has around 100 passwords to remember, which can understandably lead to difficulties in differentiating between them. A good password manager tool will not only do the heavy lifting in terms of memorizing those passwords, but it will also suggest unique ones every time you sign up to a new service provider.

The internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous place by the day. However, taking basic precautions and installing the simple tools outlined above should help to keep you as safe as possible when surfing the web.

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