3 Year Old Picture Ideas

My sweet, little Libby wishes you a happy birthday. I can’t believe how fast this parenthood thing is flying, am I right? In honor of this girl, I’ve got some 3Picture ideas from the year 2000We are happy to share our stories with you. This is picture overload!

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I’m actually not even in the same state as her today! My mom was going to be a few hours away for a work conference and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see her. My mom will be busy with work, which I can tag along for, but not the children, so I chose to go solo. The only drawback was that it fell over my daughter’s 3rd birthday. That’s okay though, we still made it special for her by celebrating the other night with her favorite food (pizza and an owl shaped cake) and then went to the trampoline park as a family before I headed out of town.

These images will hopefully inspire you and give you ideas for how to capture this moment with your children. I kept it casual and used her bedroom, which had a simple wall colour so that she could move things around to keep the background from being too distracting. I opened the curtains to allow in natural light. I wanted to capture the moment. We did the outfit she wasn’t as thrilled about first, even though it had a prized owl necklace included, but I knew if we started with the PJ Masks shirt, it would have triggered a tantrum when we’d need to change so I used it to give her something to look forward to.

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My son’s first year was a lot easier than mine and I managed to capture each month. She is always photographed at least once a year. It’s so crazy to see how much she has changed from when she was born, a year old, two years old and now a big 3Year old

Let me tell ya about the spitfire, sweetheart.

She is a big fan of purple.

She is kind and thoughtful.

However, she is stubborn and can be very stubborn. I don’t know where she gets that from….

The only consistent thing she has really shown interest in is owls and this character “Owlette” on a kid’s show called PJ Masks.

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This picture makes my heart melt. She looks like a superhero. It’s a beautiful thing to look at!

She enjoys running and climbing.

She laughs like mad.

She loves to be silly and play her heart out!

She can be shy sometimes and will make you work hard to earn her affection. But she is becoming more outgoing each day.

I think she has really good instincts about people so I like to watch how she reacts because she is so in tune with emotions and a person’s general attitude.

She talks less than her brother at this age. I haven’t been really worried about it. We’ve been working to encourage her and build her confidence. My son loves to answer her questions and she was happy to let him speak for her for a time. We just keep working together. Even in the past week, she has been able to speak more. It’s fun to see her grow.

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I didn’t know that a human could naturally bat their eyelashes until she started doing it. She doesn’t do it as much anymore but she is a sly little one.

We went to the shop and each child chose a toy. I’ve given her dolls before but she has literally turned her nose up at them. This time it was different. She decided to have a baby. She was very clear about choosing the baby she wanted. She calls her “Libby”.

They’ve been inseparable. She feeds her, burps and sleeps beside her. It’s so sweet. There were some concerns about having a boy as my first child. I like the girly stuff more than the boy stuff. I’ve gotten over that and love being a mom to both of my kids but it’s fun to she her picking some girlier things. Although I don’t intend to force them to do anything, I do want them to have choices and be able to live a balanced life. Anyway, it’s just sweet to see her and her baby.

I see myself in her…

…but I also see so much more.

I consider her precious.


I can’t wait to see what she becomes and I can’t believe she’s mine. It’s awesome!

Happy Birthday to my little love!

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