3 Things AI Can Do For Your Company


AI technology is suitable for big and small businesses because it helps them grow, helps them make better decisions, and changes the field of management. But how does AI affect business? AI can help your business grow in many ways. Here, we will answer. It’s when computers are able to perform tasks that are usually performed by humans. Take, for instance, the ability to make decisions and converse with users.

In other words, artificial intelligence is about making machines think and act like people (or even better). A course on artificial intelligence will help you better understand how to use AI for your company.

Process Automation

RPA is a more advanced business-process automation tool than those that came before it because the “robots” (which are just coded on a server) act like humans by putting information into and taking it out of multiple IT systems. 

Tasks include transferring data from email and call center systems into systems of record. Other such include updating customer files with address changes or new services, replacing lost credit or ATM cards, and reaching into multiple systems to update records and handle customer communications.

Cognitive Insights

In our study, the second most common type of project (38 percent of the total) was one that used algorithms to find patterns in vast amounts of data and figure out what they meant. Imagine “analytics on steroids.” These apps that use machine learning are used to:

  • Predict what a particular customer is likely to buy
  • Identify credit fraud in real-time and detect insurance claims fraud
  • Analyze warranty data to identify safety or quality problems in automobiles and other manufactured products
  • Automate personalized targeting of digital ads
  • Provide insurers with more-accurate and detailed actuarial modeling.

Cognitive Engagement

The least common type of project in our study was one that used chatbots, intelligent agents, or machine learning to get employees and customers involved (accounting for 16 percent of the total). This group consists of:

  • Using natural language, intelligent agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help customers with a wide range of issues, from forgotten passwords to technical issues. 
  • Questions about IT, employee benefits, and HR policy can be answered on internal sites for employees. 
  • Personalization, engagement, and sales can be increased by using rich language or images in product and service recommendation systems for retailers. 
  • Providers benefit from these systems by being able to create personalized treatment plans that take into account the health status of each patient and their previous treatments.


Artificial intelligence and its uses in business are at the top of the minds of top companies right now. We think every big business should look into cognitive technologies. A few hurdles in the road are inevitable, but we must not become numb to concerns about issues like job loss and how intelligent machines work. It is possible, however, that cognitive technology could usher in a golden age of work fulfillment, productivity, and wealth if the necessary steps are taken. The PG program in AI and machine learning by Great Learning guides you on how your company can grow faster. 


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