3 Solutions For Remote Employee Monitoring

3 Solutions For Remote Employee Monitoring

Working remotely is nothing new. Namely, the trend of hiring people from remote locations has existed for several years, but during the Covid-19 pandemic, it became even more prevalent. Working remotely might be a good solution for both employees and the companies that hire them – but we must all know the rules of the game in business. Therefore, it is necessary to watch your employees and keep control of their online time and attendance. We’ll show you 3 solutions that can help employers to implement such monitoring.

Remote Work Is Suitable For Almost Everyone

Apart from the stress, the pandemic and the crisis also brought some benefits and taught us some good things. It even brought some advantages to people, such as remote work. This way of work has proved to be not only very profitable but at the same time very productive. Remote work is suitable for employers because they will not have to additionally equip the workplace for employees who do not work in the office. Also, employees will not spend their time and money on travel when arriving and leaving work. They do their job from the comfort of their homes or from a location that suits them. Still, many employers who are not sufficiently familiar with this working method are skeptical when you mention remote employees. Quite simply, they fear how they will be able to control online time and the attendance of their employees. Well, the trick is – you can control it. There are several ways to do something like that, and we will show you some of them.

  1. Checking Out The Employees’ Activities Via Email

Most remote employees spend a lot of time sending and receiving emails. OK, that seems to be part of the job of every modern employee or manager – but how do you know if your employees are efficient, how many emails they have sent or received, and how quickly they respond to clients’ emails? Since every employer wants to establish control over this – resort to tactics like email analytics. Several programs deal with this type of business data analysis. Moreover, you can synchronize these programs with your employees’ email accounts. That way, you will have insight into all this information. You can also see them logging in or out of their business email account and thus monitor the online time and attendance of employees. Also, you have a chance to do a comparative analysis between employees and see who forwarded the most emails, and who gave the fastest answers to customers – as well as other similar information that can help you increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees.

  1. Implementation Of Attendance Tracker Software

If you haven’t thought about this, we must emphasize that it is the best and simplest option for monitoring the efficiency or productivity they achieve. It is a tool that works very simply – and will give you information about when your employees began performing the task and when they finished it. With the use of Employee Attendance Tracker, you can very easily monitor the work of several employees at the same time – because the data is displayed in a simple and transparent Excel table, where information is easy to follow.

  1. Use Apps To Manage Work On Various Tasks Or Projects

Fortunately, today we have the possibility of using different apps for managing projects and tasks – which also control the online time and attendance of employees. Although today you can choose between different apps of this type, they all have one thing in common – and that is better organization and management of employees. With the help of such apps, it is possible to organize and assign tasks – while at the same time you can control productivity.

The Bottom Line

We hope we managed to break the prejudices about remote work and the ways and possibilities of remote employees’ control. That is something where both employers and employees may seek a chance to increase the efficiency and productivity of work – and ultimately increase profit.

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