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You can have variety in your life 3 Month Baby Pictures

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3 month old baby pictures are tricky…they’re more wakeful than newborns, but not yet sitting. Often won’t stay on their side, and they can’t hold their head up (or at least not for very long!This is what it looks like.

This pretty much leaves you with one pose…baby on their back.

For that reason we’ve been wanting to write a blog post about getting variety in your 3Images of month-old babies for all ages. But we just couldn’t find a 3 month old! So, when our fabulous instructor Merissa Wakefield went on maternity leave earlier this year…we waited.

Meet baby Aston. 3 months and he’s our model for this tutorial on how to get variety in your 3 month old baby pictures…enjoy!3 month old baby feet

1. Light & Locations

Find the areas that have good light and use them to create variation. These are some ideas:

  • Your bed
  • Their bed
  • The floor
  • In a bassinet
  • Bean bags that are well-filled
  • On a large ottoman

You can find soft light through your doors and windows.

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3 month old baby photoshoot

2. Take the details in your camera

As cute as your baby is, don’t get distracted and just take headshots! All the details that change and grow in a blink of an eye should be captured. All of the above pictures can be taken without changing your orientation or angle.

  • Close up headshots – Capturing various expressions
  • Complete body
  • Top for the half-body
  • Bottom for half-body
  • Feet, hands, fingers, and hands
headshot of baby in bassinet
baby picture of 3 month old in bassinet
baby boy dressed in white in bassinet
photo of baby’s feet
baby’s hand image

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Keep your editing consistent and you will create a beautiful storyboard. 3Month baby photos to frame and hang


3. Tummy Time

If you’ve got a clever cookie and he’s able to hold his head up for short periods, make the most of it.

But here’s a tip so you don’t wear him out before you’ve even got your shots!

Find a pocket of good light, get your settings ready to go, take some test shots, and make sure you’re happy with the light, location and framing. Bring the baby inside. Then, put the baby on his stomach. Be prepared, as you’ll likely need to move quickly.

A wide aperture, such as f/2, will give you a beautiful shallow depth-of-field like the one below.

Once he is looking up, point your focus point directly over the closest eye and snap. If you’re not confident in being able to do that quickly, choose an aperture that will ensure you get acceptable focus even if it falls on another part of his face. To give yourself plenty of room, you can try f/4.5 for this close.

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ForFor a baby photoshoot, I recommend a fast shutter speed at least 1/200, high speed burst mode and continuous focus. This will give you the best chance to get sharp shots.

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That said… don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t work. You will need to practice to become as quick as possible in these situations. Your 3Month baby photos will look beautiful without or with this shot. Remember that you can always take another shot in a month. (A tutorial on how to make a baby photo for a month? Anyone?.

baby picture of 3 month old on his tummy with his head held high

4. Bassinet

Bassinets are fantastic because they add interest to the baby’s back pose. A bassinet is a great way to photograph your baby in any area of your home that has good lighting.

Use a wide aperture, such as f/1.8, to capture this amazing shallow depth of focus when shooting at this height.

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If you don’t already have a bassinet, don’t go out and buy one just for your 3 month baby pictures…see if you can borrow one, or check your local BSS Facebook page. You can also place a quilt on the ground and capture the same shot.

baby in bassinet shot from above baby photoshoot in bassinet from above

5. Varietate Your Angles

Take a step down from your sitting height. If you’re height-challenged, grab a chair. For the baby’s safety, always do this with your camera strap around your neck.

baby’s hand and outfit

If you are able to get down to his level, and if you can place your head slightly to the side of his head, he will be able to see you as you speak to him. Then snap him when you’ve got his attention.

black and white baby picture

In this same low down position, don’t forget those little feet and hands!

baby lying on his back

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3 month old baby photo with hands up in the air

If you have a macro lens or filter, capture super close up images of the baby’s tiny details such as ears, wisps of hair, wrinkly fingers.

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baby feet

Take a picture of your baby from both sides. Now, turn your baby in the opposite direction to your camera. While he is in this position, grab his attention and turn his face towards you.

This picture shows baby Aston in the middle of his bed to ensure safety. The symmetry of the bed is what makes the centred composition work.

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pictures of baby on the centre of the bed

6. Sibling shots

For a baby photoshoot, this pose is one of the easiest…it’s safe, comfortable, and they’ll either look at you or one another. It works in any way you want it to!

You can get up to take pictures.

Alternatively, put a quilt on the floor and then you’ll easily be able to take this shot from your standing position.

Give big sister some prompts, for example:

  • Kiss the baby
  • Share a secret with your baby
  • Where’s the baby’s nose
  • Hold the baby’s hand
  • Sing to the baby your favorite song
baby with older sister
siblings on bed during baby photoshoot

You can turn them around like the image below. Ask big sister to sing or talk to her brother and he’ll naturally search for her. This adorable shot is a great way to show their connection.

baby looking at older sister

7Lifestyle. Lifestyle

You don’t have to pose all of your sibling photos. You should always have your camera at your fingertips and look out for sibling photos. If you’re feeling sneaky, place the baby in good lighting, clean the area, then ask your big sister to check on him.

little girl looking at baby in crib

You can also give her a small (toy) camera, or your phone and ask her to take her own pictures 3Images of baby photos from the past month


We are so grateful to Merissa for donating this gorgeous baby photoshoot that she took to help us create this tutorial. You can check her out at Insta!

We are happy to answer any questions you may have or provide more information about our courses and workshops. We’d love to connect and assist you on your photography journey!

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