15 Cute Monthly Baby Photos Ideas (Create Memories)

You’ve probably seen this trend on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and if you’re anything like us then you totally love it! New moms have been accustomed to taking one quality photo every month of their baby for the first 12 months. This is the The cutest “month by month” picturesThese are those that have some sort of staging or backdrop.

Monthly Baby Photos Ideas 15 Cute Monthly Baby Photos Ideas (Create Memories)

Monthly Baby Photos Ideas

These are some of our favorites Beautiful ideas for monthly photographs that you’ll love looking back on, but that aren’t too high maintenance so BabyWe will cooperate, and have fun!

1. A chalkboard wall

VIEW IN GALLERYA chalboard wall 15 Cute Monthly Baby Photos Ideas (Create Memories)

Apartment Therapy‘s chalkboard wall idea is especially easy if you already have one in your kitchen or hallway for making to do lists! Grab some chalkboard paint, write the month’s number on the wall however you please, and set baby in a cute, comfy chair with a pillow or a toy.

2. 2. A ribbon and a rocking seat

VIEW IN GALLERYA ribbon and a rocking chair

It is important to use the same background every time. This helps you show how much you care. BabyThe space has changed and grown each month. Once you got a space you like (we really like Making it Lovely‘s rocking chair and bookshelf idea because it almost looks like a library), try using numbered award ribbons to mark out these months! To make each onesie stand out, pin it to a plain white T-shirt.

3. Photoshop and fabric backgrounds

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric backgrounds and photoshop

Young House Love

This idea is for you sewing mamas, rejoice! Lay out a new brightly colored or patterned fabric each month. BabyYou can wear a onesie or a plain white shirt while you are seated. For the best looking shot, frame your photo so that the edges of the pattern are not visible. Once you’ve uploaded the pictures, use Photoshop or another editing program to add the month numbers onto baby’s belly. It’s quick and simple for BabyYou only need to take one step more!

4. A jumbo calendar


Instead of just marking the months, how about keeping track the actual months? You can create a backdrop using a poster, large desk calendar or printed out, similar to the one used with fabric. Apartment Therapy‘s idea shows you how to stage pictures that will help you remember what Babyas it appeared at each time of the year without counting which month was which number.

5. Simple candids in black or white

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple candids in black and white

It’s not easy to set the scene and stage their baby photos monthly. Ahh Photography shows you how great candid photos in all types of settings and activities are. If you can remember to take one high-quality shot each month, why not? BabyDo what he wants to do that day?

6. Plushie letters

VIEW IN GALLERYPlushie letters

Famille Summerbelle‘s simple idea lets you concentrate on facial expressions, which we think is absolutely adorable. Put down a background and grab some felt letters or plushie letters at the craft store (or make them!).Have a good time with your child and share a laugh!

7. 7.

VIEW IN GALLERYA patterned wall and balloons

Do you like staging and decor? If so, a patterned background and some balloons might be your best options. We really like Momtog‘s idea of subtly counting the months by adding another balloon to each picture.

8. Onesie on a clothingline

VIEW IN GALLERYOnesies on a clothesline

Whether you do it in multiples or month by month, we love Do It and How‘s idea of pinning numbered onesies along a clothes line and putting baby in the right one each month to mark her growth!

9. A chalkboard, a bench and some milestones

VIEW IN GALLERYA chalkboard, a bench, and some landmarks

Momtastic shows how to take monthly photographs. It’s a way to capture more than just facial features or growth spurts. You can use a chalkboard for key milestones to be written down BabyIt was also that month!

10. A picture frame with a plushie friend

VIEW IN GALLERYA picture frame and a plushie friend

You can make or print inserts to change the month by choosing a beautiful picture frame. Choose a spot that is comfortable, grab a friend and take some cute pictures, just like the ones we found on Pinterest.

11. 11.


These floral arrangements are stunning, we think. Hello Lillybird shows how to make them for beautiful, feminine monthly shots that require minimal maintenance. Baby.

12. Pillow and pin

VIEW IN GALLERYA pillow and a pin

Pick a comfortable spot, a cozy onesie and a cute pillow to create numbers pins. Pin each month next to your baby and choose the cutest shot.

13. A beautiful font and a decorative frame

VIEW IN GALLERYA decorative frame and some pretty font

Perhaps your handwriting is lovely, or maybe you’d rather use a pretty cursive font that you can print. You can keep your photos simple by using a soft blanket and a frame. These photos are from Julie Blanner.

14. A simple timeline and a birthday cap

VIEW IN GALLERYA simple timeline and a birthday hat

At the end of your month by month photo project, make a timeline collage like this one from Clickin’ Moms! It’s best to keep the background and outfit colours the same until the year is over. Then, you can add a birthday hat. BabyHave fun with it!

15. A celebratory banner

VIEW IN GALLERYA celebratory banner

You can easily find party banners at your local stores and you can also draw them or sew them yourself. Hang your banner on a wall and choose a month’s outfit. If you’re having trouble picking your favourite shot of the day, try collaging a few like Modern Pilgrim did.

Parting words

We know it’s just 15 ideas for monthly baby photos, so we’d like to hear from you, creative peeps. Are there any others you can recommend?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments section. Let us know how you got on and what wonderful memories you have.

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