10 Tips How to Choose a Laser Hair Removal Clinic in NYC, USA

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Unwanted body hair is a common problem for a lot of women. It’s often a hassle for them to shave, pluck, or wax at home without causing any side effects like eruptions. What do you do every time you want to wear shorts or a skirt? Wear your stunning dress without a worry.

Professional laser hair removal can remove your worries. You are sure to find a laser hair removal clinic in New York City, USA. However, they all seem different. Many of them also make tall claims, which seem too good to be true. So, how do you choose the right clinic? In this guide, we will discuss how to choose a laser hair removal clinic in NYC.

10 Tips for Selecting a Laser Hair Removal Clinic

There are many things to keep in mind.

1. Specialist Education

Laser hair removal is a specialized treatment that requires high-end equipment. The qualification, skill, and experience of your therapist will also matter a great deal. In fact, this is often as important as the equipment, medical procedure, and cleanliness.

Always check whether the therapist and staff members at the clinic have the professional qualification. Check whether they have the required certification. Laser treatments involve the use of intense pulsed light. Remember, only a certified or licensed professional with the right type of training can do this efficiently. Ask for current registration. Never say yes to the treatment until the time you are completely satisfied that the team meets or exceeds all requirements.

2. Cost

Always ask the clinic prices and then compare the cost with some other clinics close to your place. It is important to consider the cost because you will most likely require multiple sessions. This means, the grand total can quickly add up. Also consider how far the clinic is from your home or place of work. The transport cost will also be high if it is too far away.

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But remember, the cost should never be the main decider. You will find some places that charge less or offer big discounts, but end up making compromises elsewhere.

You must ensure quality treatment above anything else. It is always better to invest some more money and get the latest laser technology that will give you the full benefits of the procedure. Clinics that offer a discount or charge less may not also take all the necessary precautions.

3. Testimonial

Prepare a list of all the laser hair removal clinics close to your place. Next, check their websites. See whether there are any testimonials and read the customer’s comments carefully if you can find them. Pay particular attention to the ones where you see their phone number or email address because these testimonials are always more credible. Also, notice the number of testimonials the clinic has received.

You can also approach your family and friends to recommend a quality service. Prepare a shortlist of the top five clinics in your area.

4. Equipment

You will surely want a pleasant experience at the laser hair removal clinic. It’s good to go to a nice clinic. But more importantly, it should have the latest equipment and use the latest medical grade technology. This is one way of ensuring quality of treatment. Remember, this is still evolving science, so it is essential that the clinic is always upgrading. Ask whether they have up to date machinery. 

A clinic that has a variety of well-maintained laser machines shows that they are committed to offering the best quality treatment. Mediocre machines are never going to give you the best results.

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There was a time when beauty clinics and salons were mostly using cheap IPL machines. The results were indifferent.

5. Location

When you select a clinic close to your place, it will be easier for you to schedule your appointments. You won’t have to travel a long distance. You will save both time and money. The Byou Laser Clinic is located at Brooklyn and 3rd Avenue in NYC. This laser hair removal clinic uses only medical grade lasers and the most advanced procedures.


6. Cleanliness

This is absolutely essential. The laser clinic you go to should be clean and hygienic. Every day, a lot of people must to coming to the place for various treatments. There can easily be an infection if the facility does not use sanitizers and disinfectants. Good hygiene should always be a priority.

7. Comfort

You must feel comfortable at the place because you will probably have to return for follow-up laser technology treatments. Check whether they have disposable panties for a deep bikini.

8. Opening Times

You need to also consider the opening and closing hours of the clinic you choose, especially if you are doing a nine to five job, five days in a week. If the clinic is also open during those hours, then it means you will have to leave your place of work for the appointment. This might not be so easy. Also remember, return visits will be required, which means you must take leave from work several times.

It will be best if you select a clinic that is open during the weekend or in the evening hours. You will then be able to make the booking at a time that is convenient for you. Also, find out whether you can change the appointment time, in case something comes up holding you back.

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9. Friendly Staff

It’s’ not essential, but would still be very nice if the practitioners and staff members who work at the place have a friendly and welcoming nature. 

Medical Aesthetician state-licensed

That’s because you will be visiting the laser hair removal clinic several times. A welcoming smile, an encouraging word, making the effort to explain the process, are all going to be very good. These little things will give you confidence and help build a relationship.

10. Safety

This may be the last tip but is very important. Ensure that the laser machine, cooling equipment, and such others meet all safety regulations. The procedures must also be carried out safely. The facility should have fire extinguishers. The laser machine should have the right electricity sockets. There should be protective eyewear.

Never be hasty when you are selecting your laser hair removal clinic. Remember these tips. You should be able to pick the right place.


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