Selling On Demand

Gone! is a data-driven concierge service that makes it delightfully easy to turn your items into cash.

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Designed to help sell your things.

Gone! takes care of the logistics of selling from finding the best listing prices for your items to handling all packaging and shipments and collecting money for your sales.


Gone! algorithmically finds the best selling price for your items.


Gone! offers helpful shipping services once you are ready to sell.


Gone! sends you a check with your earnings once your items are sold.

Finding the best prices for your items.

Gone! constantly analyzes transactions from all around the world to pinpoint and follow market prices for thousands of items.

Hands Free Shipping


San Francisco & Austin

In San Francisco & Austin, Gone! will send a team member to your home at your convenience to pack and prepare your items for sale.

Lite Box Service

United States

If Gone! can’t make it to your door, you will receive free boxes with packing materials, pre-paid labels, and instructions for shipping or scheduling a pickup with UPS.

What Gone! Users Have To Say

Frequently asked questions.

  • Does Gone! buy items from me?

      Gone! is not a buyer, but it is a service specifically designed to find buyers for your items. Gone! spares you the hassle of writing a listing, pricing, packing, negotiating with buyers, and shipping your items. After Gone! sells your items, you will be paid.

  • How long until I am paid?

      After Gone! receives your items, we'll inspect them and list them for sale within one day. From there, it may take from one to several weeks, depending on the demand for your item. You will be able to monitor the entire process from within the application.

  • What can I sell?

      Take a look around you! That tablet you got at a conference last year? Those headphones you recently replaced? That laptop from a couple of years ago that is accumulating dust and losing value? Gone! processes a wide variety of Computers, Phones, Tablets, Accessories. Gone! will immediately determine whether your item can be sold with us, and how much you will get after it's sold.

  • Where are my items sold?

      Gone! determines the optimal marketplace for selling your items amongst based on a balance of speed and price. We operate on top of many marketplaces. That includes Amazon and eBay, but many other partners. We're focused on getting you the best possible price along with the easiest selling experience. Our systems will determine which is the optimal marketplace to sell your items. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let Gone! do the painful task of selling on your behalf.

  • How much does Gone! cost?

      Gone! charges a commission ranging from 7% to 15%, depending on the demand for your items. This commission is applied after deducting all of the costs of preparing your items for sale. This includes inspection, pricing, postage, and packing materials required to securely ship the items to your buyers.

  • How do I get paid?

      Gone! will send a check or a Paypal transfer after selling your your items. You will be notified within the application when your money is available.

  • What happens if my items don't sell?

      If they don't sell within 90 days, Gone! sends them back to you at no cost, or extends the period for another 90 days.

  • I've received a Gone! offer of $X for my items, does it mean that they have been sold?

      Not yet, it means that Gone's pricing algorithm determined the optimal price for your item that balances a quick sell with the best profit for you. That's the final amount you'll be getting from the sale once they're sold.

Say Hello to GoneSMS!

Now you can access the full on-demand selling experience by sending a text directly to Gone's pricing floor. Full support for any device with SMS capabilities. Click here to try GoneSMS.